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we checked out and left our luggage at the front desk of Kunang-kunang Guesthouse, as we asked Yanto to come around 2pm to take us to the airport. since we'd got plenty of time left, and it was still early to have lunch, we decided to do foot massage. we went to Rembulan Spa, which located near the junction of Hanoman Street and Ubud main road. it was a one hour foot reflexology, and cost us a idr77k only. and it was soo good, with the ambient that made us sleep while our feet pampered by the magic hands. hehe...

it passed an hour already, and we done with the reflexology. we strolled along Ubud main road, with the intention to have our lunch at Nasi Padang Sumbar Hidup, but then saw Warung Igelanca just few blocks before it. friend interested to try, so we had our lunch here. anyway, i was a bit sceptical as the Warung  has not been mentioned in the halal-eateries-spotlight, so far, from all the info that i googled. Even from my past visits, i did not aware of it, despite passing it every time i went to Sumbar Hidup. i asked the waiter about halal, and she nodded, and as i checked the menu, no pork in the list...and i think the was no liquor or alcoholic drinks too (i can't confirm this).

this time, we ordered few dishes that caught our attention like tempe set, chicken curry (more like masak lemak, but not that spicy) and set of ayam bakar with rice etc. the price, was in reasonable range with the food that we ordered i.e. less than idr100k, but i couldn't remember the exact figure.

done with the lunch, and then Yanto called us to tell that he arrived already. we went back to Kunang-kunang and took our luggage and left Ubud. it took about 1hr ++ to reach the airport, from Ubud, and the road was quite busy as we were passing Denpasar.

after bid farewell to Yanto, we then check-in our luggage and proceed to the departure hall. bye-bye Bali. and i'll be back again!!!

the flight was full as usual, and the 2.5 hours journey seemed long when you are tired etc. everybody seemed to be grumpy as rushing to leave the plane as the door opened. and how annoying, i was pushed by another passenger who wanted to pass through the aisle as i was gauging for the luggage from the compartment above. i was mad and shouted ' adoi!!!' with the intention to get everybody attention on my diva moment. but the guy just walked without a glance of moment to apologise or even looking back.  erghh...see...i believe this guy actually pushed me, and it was confirmed by a friend who saw it. bongoookkk!!!

okeh. the rambling ends my entry for this Bali trip. it was my 4th time been to this island. i know for some people, it may be too much, and some might ask, why? hehe. other than the incident with the guy above, the whole trip was awesome for me, discovering Amed and revisit Ubud...and travelling with Yanto and friend...ah...a good companion always make the journey meaningful. :)

perhaps for my next trip, my check list will be as below:
  • Gunung Agung trekking
  • Road-trip from Amed - Lovina - Pemuteran, via the north road of Bali
  • Snorkeling at Menjangan Island
  • more and more...hehehe...
till then... :)


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