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a morning in Ubud.

it was our last day in Bali, and since our flight would be in the evening, we got plenty of time to enjoy our time in Ubud. yeah... i am a big fan of Ubud, so let me share you what you can do, if you happen to stay longer here.

1. Morning walk in ubud - if you happen to stay outside the centre and close to the traditional villages of Bali in Ubud, you can go for a morning walk, visiting the paddy field, the local people there etc. even some of the hotels offer guided tour. you can opt for cycling, if you want to. OR...if you happen to stay within the Ubud centre, a morning walk, strolling the Hanoman Street, passing the monkey forest and monkey forest street etc. would do. and this is what i normally did when i visited ubud.

2. Day Spa - well for the spa lovers. a day spa up to 4-5 hours? hehe. or perhaps the quick ones like 2 hours etc.

3.White Water Rafting - i knew there are two options - Ayung River and the famous Telaga Waja.

4. Shopping - well...Ubud is an art centre of Bali. they said it is equaled of what Yogyakarta means for Java. a lot of options along the Hanoman Street and Monkey Forest road. and you can also do the shopping at Ubud art market. well...make sure you do bargain.

5. Visit Monkey Forest - eventhough i'd been Ubud so many times, but i never had a glance to visit this sacred forest. probably because my stays before were not long enough to allow me lingering this place.

6. Ubud Palace - free entrance.

7. Watch Legong and Kecak Dance - if you are into these kind of thing. there one place at Hanoman street that do the Kecak Dance, on daily basis if not mistaken.

8. Visit Painters & Craftmen House - there are abundant of Art Galleries in Ubud, and including Antonio Blanco Art museum. i love to spend time at the painters houses, enjoying the painting, and met the painters family and see them working. and of course, i normally ended up buying the paintings. hehe.

i guess 8 is enough. can just sleep and relax at the resort/hotel, enjoying whatever view your hotel/resort offers - paddy fields, rivers, cliff etc.

what about our last day there? well...the day started early. yeap..i always wanted to maximise my time in Ubud. i love the morning walk actually. and eventhough you don't get a breathtaking sunrise like at the beach or mountain, but the atmosphere is something to ponder.

our complimentary breakfast was simple. a plate of fruit salad, an omelette with a slice of toast, and Bali coffee. ah..anyway, i was worried when the cook didn't ask us about what did we want for our omelette, and my friend quickly went to the kitchen and asked.

' tak apa..tak ada babi'. hehe..the cook told us. so it was an onion-tomato omelette.

we started our morning walk around ubud centre after that. the normal route that i always did was Hanoman Street - Monkey Forest Road - Ubud Main Road - Hanoman Street. and this route goes into i'd back to the hotel again.

at 8am, it was still early for Ubud. the calm morning was still untouchable, except from the sound of few of the bikes that passing the road/street.

we arrived at the entrance of Monkey Forest. and it the ticket counter was still closed. i think if you happen to come early, you can enter the forest freely. hehe..anyway, beware of the monkeys!

we passed the Monkey Forest, and strolled along the road until we reached Ubud Main Road junction, where the Art Market and Ubud Palace located. we made a quick visit to the palace. ah...the place was about to be swarmed by those oriental tour groups, and their voices broke the calmness of the place.

we then went to Ubud Art Market. it was still early, as the owners just opened their shops. and as usual, being an early-bird, you caught a lot of attention from them. everybody wanted us to come and buy things from their shop. hehe.

anyway, if you can see from the picture above, friend wanted to buy the round-cup-coasters and the owner started the price at idr20k per pieces...of course, that was ridiculous and we started bargaining. pardon me, i totally forgot, how much we managed to friend bought them about 20 pieces, and got cheaper price. and that was after we gave up bargaining with the owner. i think we managed to get idr100k for 20 pieces, and the owner did not agree with the price. as we decided to leave her shop, she suddenly agreed. it was her first sale of the day...or what they said 'pecah telur'  and once she got the money from us, she wagged the money to all of the things in the shop...ambik berkat la tuuuu...

and i was in my moment, enjoying the painters shop at the art market. and i bought a painting too. hehe. the owner was an old lady, who spoke gently and made me have no heart to bargaining too much. macam kena guna2 jer...hehe.  

it was about 11am already, we had to go back to Kunang-kunang to check out from the place.


  1. agip, gambar 6-8 tu mengingatkan saya pada lokasi dalam film Perahu Kertas..err memang tempat yang sama, ke? cantik...

    1. Hmm. X sure either masa hero perahu kertas tu bawak diri ke bali, dia shoot exactly di ubud or not. Hehe. Tp i rasa di ubud ... Sbb the kind of environment dia n also sbb dia blajar melukis, which where the magic hands of bali breath. 😃


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