Haven't Met You Yet

the rat race of life always a distraction for me, to really stop, breath and think on my obligation to clear one of the 'to-dos' in my bucket list. when shima shared hers last week, and asking me about mine, it took me to glance and ponder on my memory lane, and collecting all the pieces back, and hola...my own bucket list. it caught me by surprise, as a much as i tried not to mention it, it has to be one in the list. 

and i have my new bucket list and i put the deadline, which is before my biological clock ticking to 35.

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Ted's life probably has been a perfect mirror of what i've been through, except the one night stands and few other things. it is a perfect example, and perhaps a reflection of the real world, despite how easy for most of us, it has been a quest for some.

people commonly gave me 2 remarks, when they surprise to find out that i have not settled down yet;

A. 'ko picky sangat. memilih sangat.'
B. 'ko nih gay ke?'

well..the latter is less frequent being on my face, but who knows...people loves to talk. on the picky part, i have to admit...that i do. but i think it is just a matter of preference. out of zillions people that asked and pointed out about this me, only Zam and my lil' sis told me - there'll be someone. it is just a matter of right person, right time and right place. ah..itulah Jodoh kan? (mode ayat2 cinta)

my two younger cousins, who used to be lil' sisters to me, got married recently, and of course,being the hot bachelor of the family, i always a victim of nonsense-ness from the elders. it was hard, particularly when i tried to read my parents heart, in the middle of our joy celebrating the good days of others. and dad finally broke the silence with a deep joke, when we were discussing about buying a new RM1.2k samping songket...he quoted ' boleh pakai time nikah nih!'. i only chuckled and i know it was not just a joke. it was a reminder.

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a friend just texting me about the final season of the series...and they will have the future Mrs. Mosby revealed. Finally...and if the series end, there'll be no more about Ted in my life. perhaps...it'll be for mine too. :)


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