going Kathmandu (p0.4) - kisah bukit lalang & etc.

run forrest run

it is less than 2 months before the trip, and i'd been forcing myself to get back on the right track, preparing myself for it. the after-work running always been distracted by the unpredictable KL weather, and i have to be prepare and hit the track, whenever the sun shines. the past 3 sessions, including today, has been good as i managed to push myself for 4 complete laps on run, which is almost 5km ( KLCC track is 1.3km per lap), and the last lap always the warm-down session, with some sprint. yeap...it has to be 5 complete laps.

but the track seemed crowded these days, with running groups all over the place (they run fast, and including uncle that runs like 'chicken'), couples on their love-talk-walk, walking on the turf, people who wanted to run, but spend time walking while surfing their facebook on the smartphone while listening to music and walked all over the turf, the newbies group with lack of motivation, and walking and talking like they were part of the parade, blocking the turf etc. hmm...as much as i'm easily annoyed with the tourists who camwhoring at the bridge and blocking the turf, i could understand and more apologetic compared to those i mentioned earlier. 

even so, i still run there, because it is the best option that i have. - close to workplace, near my car park etc. and the track route is good to train the legs with the elevations etc. 

Bukit Lalang

i went for a hiking trip last monday with hafriz. it was part of my training plan before we go for the annapurna-poon hill trip later. yes. we, particularly me, need it. it has been so long since the last time i did hiking and trekking. i think it was during the east java 2.0, where we attempted Ijen.

i know for the hardcore hikers, the bukit lalang a.k.a Broga Hill probably just peanut for them, and i knew some of them just laughed when people bragging about hiking the hill.what the heck! it is dolphin free and why so arrogant? just because you did the Kinabalu climbathon etc.? puhleaseee lah. ok. kena AMS someday baru tahu.

i chose Broga because i'd been there twice before, and the trail is a familiar one to me. i would rated it is an easy grade trail as i saw everybody..i mean EVERYBODY can hike it. i've seen people carrying babies ok, hiking the hill. erghh.. people can be just plainly cluesless...oh no..stupid actually. why would you take babies to hike? eventhough the trail is rated easy, it is not EVERBODY's playground (pardon the earlier highlight). and when EVERYBODY think they can do Broga, they seemed to care less about the safety aspect of doing the things there. probably they didn't realise accident could happen anywhere, and even Broga had the record. but probably the popularity surpasses everything. hmmm...

okeh..enough with the rambling. 

we didn't plan to catch the sunrise, as i just feel i had enough of it for time being. i did the sunrise-hike during my first time to Broga, and that was it. i barely recall how was the vista that day, but what i remember, even as early as 6am, the place already crowded with EVERYBODY. hahaha.

we departed from Wangsa Maju after subuh, around 630am. i took the KL-Seremban highway, and made a quick stop at the new petronas station in serdang. they had this Kopi Mahal drive thru...hehe...and i was actually craving for the 'salted' caramel mocha actually. the cute barista/counter girl, gave me the drive-thru discount, hence the 10% discount for our drinks that morning. hehe.

the sun rose already as we made an exit to Kajang, and then followed the sign to Semenyih. as we took the left turn at the junction to Nottingham campus, and few kms ahead, we could see already the top of the hill, and even could see people wandering the place. ah...it was a public holiday morning, hence explained why EVERBODY heading to the place. we could see cars being parked at the shoulder of the road there, and thought the car-park already full. but it was not. it was just some people who didn't want to pay the rm2 parking fee there. (well..actually auntie tu mesti untung giler kot...ladang dia jadi tempat parking kereta )

it took us about 30minutes to reach the first peak of the hill. we could do faster, but the traffic along the trail was a bit busy with people starting to descend vs. ascend etc. we continued the hike till the 3rd peak, which is the top most peak at 410m.

enjoy the pics...

and nothing beats the yummeh ice-cream as the reward of the hard work. hehehe.

and Bangi Beriani, to recover all the calories burnt. haha.


  1. agip, tak try naik Bukit Gasing?trek di situ jauh lebih mencabar dari Broga..trylah..

    2 bulan lagi, sure teruja kan??haih, saya pula yang jeles ne hahaha..bilalah nak sampai kathmandu..haishhh!!huhuhu

  2. zilla..tak penah try lagi. haha. will put that into the list.

    most probably ada satu-dua hiking lagi before ke kathmandu. probably nuang. :)

    tape zilla..ada rezki next year kann?


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