my kind of eid

pardon me. bali entry still on hold. i'm still gathering back all the memories, thoughts and words, since it was done few months back. 

and i'm still in Eid mode.

it is already the 8th day of Syawal and for orang-orang Terengganu, this day is celebrated as Raya-6. it marks the celebration of the completion of the 6-days fasting in Syawal. well...not for most people, since most of us, i believe shifted this 'puasa 6' things a bit later. but for some people, like my late to'ki, he'd started fasting as early as the 2nd of Syawal. mum will always cook something special today, to celebrate the day. and today she told me she cooked 'lodeh' and nasi himpit. huhuhu...rindu la pulak nak makan, since this raya mum didn't cook it for the 1st Syawal. she cooked nasi tomato for the main meal, instead.

talk about food, i think raya is incomplete without ketupat-lemang-rendang combo. and my favourite meal of the 1st syawal morning - ketupat daun palas and rendang. luckily, mum always have these into the menu of 1st syawal. and you wouldn't believe that i learnt to cook rendang just because i didn't want to miss it during, back when i was in sheffield. :). i did almost everything - made the kerisik, hunting for the galangal at every chinese/oriental shop there etc. what a memory.

this year celebration is just ok for me. yeap. as we getting older the lesser the joy is. everybody has grown up, and now its time for the kids of this generation. but then unfortunately, i saw most kids these days, they seemed to be more excited hanging around with the tablets, phones etc. even datang rumah orang pun dah tak excited nak salam and dapat duit raya. hehehe.

anyway, if i were to choose, there are few good memories about Eid that made me smile whenever i walked through it....will write about it later...

what about yours?


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