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the day was still early as we arrived Ubud. this time, i booked the rooms at Kunang-kunang Guesthouse, which located at Hanoman street. anyway, you have to walk further a bit inside from the entrance at the street, passing few other hotels/guesthouses before reaching the place.

we booked standard room from, and it costs around rm85 per night. it was a bit pricey, as we booked the room last minute (so does the trip). but the room was spacious, and we got the ones that located on the ground floor, with the swimming pool in front of our room. the bathroom was ok. i don't have much complaint, except the water was a bit smelly - rusty smell like that. other than that, we got free wifi, breakfast, but  no TV and AC, just fan.

apparently, the staff of Kunang-kunang Guesthouse were not that welcoming, compared to Dewa Bungalow, Artini Cottages or even the Biyukukung, that i used to stay before. i mean, no greetings, no help to carry our bags etc. pardon me, i'm just saying this relatively with other hotels in Ubud, but it was not a bad experience for us. 

as i mentioned, Ubud is my favourite destination in Bali. i love the place for many reasons like the affordable good guesthouses/hotels compared to Kuta (not in this visit, unfortunately), the pleasant temperature (a bit hilly) and because Ubud is where the heart of Bali lives. the people of Ubud are not like Kuta, where most of them that doing business are local (indonesian) immigrants. Ubud life pace is more like a calm sanctuary, for a peace seeker like me. no nightlife for jimba-jimba...hehe. and if you love arts, spas, nature (water rafting, old forest etc.) and most of the things that reflecting Bali culture, well..might enough to be in Ubud.

anyway, i might be exaggerate and biased in this case. love is blind. hehehe

all of my visit to Ubud, so far, i decided to stay close to Ubud centre, particularly Hanoman Street as this street is closer to the halal eateries in Ubud, which is quite limited compared to Kuta/Denpasar. as far as i knew, there are 5 halal eateries in Ubud:
  • Warung Ijo - located near the Ubud Art Market, next to the money changer (which also one that offer the best rate) - recommended
  • Puteri Minang Nasi Padang - need to walk down to the right, from the junction of Jalan Raya Ubud and Hanoman Street
  • Sumbar Hidup Nasi Padang - a bit further down, after Puteri Minang - recommended. the restaurant is big compared to Puteri Minang.
  • there's one Nasi Padang restaurant too near the Rembulan Spa, before reaching the junction of Jalan Raya Ubud and Hanoman Street
  • Warung Igelanca - just before Sumbar Hidup, we recently tried this (more about the food later)
For most people, the perception of it is hard to find halal food in Ubud, is quite common, hence, people decided to skip from staying here. but 5 is enough for me. and i highly rated Warung Ijo (for its options on hot-dishes) and Sumbar Hidup for its wide range of lauk2 pauk nasi padang, and the restaurant is big and clean.

anyway, after check-in, we decided to rest and wait for Maghrib, before going for dinner. we made a quick stop at Zen-Spa, which located at the end of the Hanoman Street to make a booking for the night session. apparently, it was fully booked, and we asked for the next morning session. 

but then, i felt i was in need for a good massage that night, particularly my upper body. my shoulder muscle probably was fatigue/swollen, because of the morning snorkeling in Amed (and this always happened to me when i did snorkeling before, because i normally paddling my hands more than legs). so i decided to go for 1-hr body massage at Nur Salon. i'd been to the place during my visit back in November. it was good, and the masseur stroke was strong. anyway, if you happened to visit this place, just to warn that, the masseuse/masseur of Nur Salon, will normally ask you to strip off everything for full body massage/spa etc. but of course, you can say no for such naked experience. hehe.

ok..we done with the massage, and then headed to Warung Ijo for dinner. that was the first time i went there. there was option for nasi campur and you can also order nasi goreng, mee goreng, mee sup etc. too. i ordered nasi goreng for dinner. the taste just good enough for my taste bud. after dinner, we walked back to our room, as there was nothing much to do. the shops here closed early. 

that ended our 3rd day there. nite.... 



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