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we bid farewell to Made and Suri, after settled all the remaining payment etc. and heading to our next destination, my sanctuary - Ubud.

our route so far depicted by the map below.
Kuta - Karangasem - Amed - Karangasem - Klungkung - Tegallalang - Ubud
source : Google Map
we were riding to the south again, passing the same road. as we passed Karangasem, we stopped at one of the muslim's restaurants there for lunch. the halal eateries in Bali, mainly served by muslim community that originates from either Lombok, East Java and Padang. Warung Ratna, where we stopped for lunch, is owned by a family from East Java.

my lunch was as simple as above, but then..the sambal tempe itu memang terbaekkkk!!!.  the tempe was sliced and fried perfectly. it was crunchy on the outside, but maintain the soft-texture of soy-bean inside..cehh..macam masterchef jer kan?

we then continued our journey, and made a turn to the road to the center of Bali, after passing Candidasa. we passed Klungkung, and then decided to go to Tegallalang, since the day was still early.

as usual the road to the Tegallalang viewpoint is well known for lot of shops that owned by the craftmen of Bali, selling their work. i didn't recall what was the occasion for the galungan, but i think people of Bali just celebrated something during my visit there.

we arrived at the viewpoint, and the place was packed with the tourists as usual. and the street vendors, a common sight of the place. perhaps, they were not that annoyingly persuasive compared to Tangkuban folks or Kintamani.

ah...visiting this place reminds me my visit in 2009, where the makcik jual pisang kept following us.anyway, the trick is simple, buat muke ketat, wear your lady-gaga sunglasses and don't start any converstation with them, etc..and they'd ignore you.

feeling like Julia Robert la pulak kan. but then there was no Ketut Liyer. hehe. the bale where the film was shot, kind a hot spot there, as everybody seemed to pose and get the feeling there. anyway, we stopped for a coffee break at other cafe there. is a tourist place, and the price for a cup of 3-in-1 cappucino, was quite steep, even though affordable (perghh..berlagak). we ordered banana fritters with honey too.

after enough cam-whoring, we made our way to Ubud. before that, i asked Yanto to stop us at one of the craft shops there as i wanted to buy something.

yeap...i bought these things below.  5 pieces for idr80k. actually, i've been eyeing for these pieces since my 2nd trip to Bali, but it normally happened that as i passed Tegallalang during the past trips, i couldn't find any good deal in Ubud or Kuta etc. i don't know about Sukawati, probably they have it.

Yanto told us that he used to bring a biz-men from Malaysia that bought these and selling back in Malaysia for hundreds ringgit. huhu. anyway...if you looking for this (seyes tak tahu nama menda), i am recommending to buy it directly from the craft-shops here because, there are a lot of choices, and the price are cheaper as you can nego directly with the craft-men. i did compare with the price in pasar Ubud, and is cheaper here. (will talk about it in the next entry).  

Yanto's brother, Abg Ali told me once, the price of the pieces - 3 in 1 set, actually can be bought around idr40k. try to start bargaining from that. hehe..

anyway, the shops here are actually supplying in bulk to other places etc. so...if you think the shops here 'sepi' jerr..actually their main income from bulk order. but that didn't stop them from treating you as their main customer. the owner was nice to us. and politely declined whenever we asked for a steep discount...hehe...tadela kena maki ke ape...

ok..we done with Tegallalang and shopping, and then continued our ride to Ubud. ...



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