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Alhamdulillah. i have completed my 6th of fasting today. yeay...dah boleh raya kembali! hehe. ok. continue with the story.

we booked the snorkeling trip with the caretaker of Aquamarine Villa. the total cost was around idr500k, for a 2 hours snorkeling trip at Amed's water, plus the boat rental, guide, life jacket and snorkeling equipment. actually, you if you are a good swimmer, you can do the snorkeling at your own as the most snorkeling spots in Amed can be reached from the beach. you may opt to rent the snorkeling equipment only.

but we are no good swimmer, and i am more comfortable to snorkel from the boat. and i need guide to be with us in case of anything. hehe.

Made was our guide.anyway...being short-sighted, i was unlucky to know that they didn't have the power-mask and i had to settle with the normal mask. konpem kelabu asap...snorkeling. sedey betul. i must buy one for myself, as i foresee more and more snorkeling trip coming - perhentian, mabul, maldives, menjangan etc. huhuhu.

We walked down to the beach and get into our jungkung (boat). ah..just a fact on Amed's beach, it is a coarse black volcanic sand and stones/pebbles...and i don't think it is a joy to stroll along it. but then it may good for a foot massage , eh? hehe. anyway, Yanto didn't join us this time as he wanted to enjoy the pool (as he said). hehe.

we had to trek through the bushes, down the hill a bit to reach our Jukung. Made and our boatman already waited for us.

we got on the boat, and headed to our 1st snorkeling spot - Jemeluk beach.

despite of my 'rabun' because of the normal mask, i could see the there were few spots with abundant of colourful corals and fishes. anyway, pardon me as i didn't have underwater camera, and pictures taken by friend are yet to be transferred to my harddisk. will upload it later if managed to.

we spent almost an hour there, before Made, who also joined us swimming, called us to the boat and move to the next place. thing for sure, it could be hard for some people to get into the Jukung from the water. it is a small narrow boat and no ladder etc. hehe. a friend had to be pull,while holding the outrigger to the shallow water-closer to the beach first before can get into the boat without hassle.

Made took us to the 2nd snorkeling spot, which happened to be just near the place that we started our boat-journey, Lipah beach. the boat stopped a bit further from the beach, and Made told us that we could swim towards the shipwreck, closer to the beach. as i got into the water, i felt a bit strange as i could feel the water was a bit warm. and as much as i tried to swim towards the shipwreck, i didn't move much. i heard people's voice and it turn out the boatman was shouting at me ' Ngak bisa terus ke sana mas, arusnya terlalu kuat'. 

seriously, 'cuak'!! coz as i hold the boat from the water and it pull us away from the strong current area, i could feel the water temperature changed from warm to cold, as normal as we had while swimming around Jemeluk beach earlier. the incident reminded me back, one of the fact that highlighted by the travel forumer to be careful while swimming/snorkel at Amed's water as some area may have strong current and not a playground for non-active swimmer. anyway, the Jukung pull us closer to the shipwrecked. but it was not a pleasant experience as it was quite slippery, and i had to hold the outrigger very hard. was a good view too down there. seeing the fishes around the shipwreck etc. (but at the same time, i don't know why i felt so worried if other than fish came out from the dark of the deep sea). hehehe.

we heard Made calling us ' sudah 2 jam mas!' (hadoii..berkira betul). and we held ourselves to the Jukung's outrigger again, and the boat pull us closer to the beach. and that ended our snorkeling trip of the day.

based on wikipedia, there are few more snorkeling spots around Amed's water, including at Japanese shipwreck near Banyuning water. perhaps another trip? hehe.

we had to hike back to the road, passing the bushes etc. and get to the road to our Villa. it was beautiful day and the view was such a pleasant from the road that we walked along, from the beach.

as we arrived at our villa, yanto shouted our names from the pool and asking us to join him swimming at the pool. ahah..apparently, he'd been waiting for us as he did not dare to swim alone at the swimming pool, since no one around.apa2 jadi susah pulak kan? hehe..betul gak..

so we spent another hour, enjoying the infinity pool. haha..siap buat terjun tiruk etc semua etc.

we left the villa around 1pm. it was such a pleasant stay and i had a good time. perhaps, Amed now is my other favourite destination in Bali, after Ubud. i love the place, the water, the villa, the friendly people there etc. 

probably the only downside of the place, is no halal food around, but you can go for seafood there, if you don't mind. :)

so, will the be another trip? absolutely :)



  1. mcm best. nak kena usha gak la amed ni.. bawak budak budak ok tak kawasan ni?

  2. hmm...Amed neh agak sepi la..sbb tade kedai2 sgt etc. just resort/hotel and the beach. kot bdak2 bosan plak. hehe. unless diaorg suke layan pool kat villa ke etc. beach...kat amed ada few stretch yg nice, and bolela diaorg nk main2 ke etc. tapi pasir dia bukan pasir putih cam pantai2 kite - coarse, pebbles etc.
    one more thing..makan la susah sket. hehe


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