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amed sort of a hidden gem of bali. the development is still at its infant stage, where there is only one narrow tarmac road, that connecting all the small fishing villages along the coastal of north east bali. it is totally a laidback destination, and it reminds me the calmness of Ayer Batang village of Tioman. despite of its lack of entertainment (shopping, nightlife etc.), it is not hard to find place to stay here. there's abundant of places to stay here, from the budget range to the luxury villa, which suprisingly relatively cheap compared to other places in Bali. Aquamarine Villa, as its normal price, will cost around rm300++, where the price is doubled for the same kind in Seminyak, and more at Nusa Dusa or Uluwatu (the Bvlgari).

as Yanto's quoted, the place is a favourite gateaway for orang bule', particularly european. and it is not that popular among the guest from malaysia, or locals due to its remote location. but the water are famous among divers, particularly a bit to the north, Tulamben. and prior the trip, i didn't have much info to refer other than wikipedia and google, but luckily Fairuz used to stay there and went for her diving trip before.

ah...the people of Amed, perhaps among the friendliest in Bali. the hospitality that i received, is as good a people in Ubud. i know, i just met few of them and i stayed there within in short period, but they managed to make me passed our bad moments with the people of Kuta. 

anyway, few more pictures of our Aquamarine Villa of Amed. i had a chat with Suri, one of the caretaker of the villa when she was preparing us the breakfast. she told us that the owner of the villa and Rumah Adi that we booked earlier, is an american couple, who's now living in Jakarta. the owner also owned few other villas next to Aquamarine.

everybody happened to wake up early that morning, and spent our early morning by watching the sunrise from while lingering on the sofa at the balcony. unfortunately, it was raining, and the view wasn't that good. ah..btw, we saw lot of jungkung/boats at the sea, and i think they were just coming back from the early morning fishing.

Suri came to the villa around 730am to prepare us our breakfast. and the rain had stopped already, while we enjoyed our breakfast.

around 830am, Made came to the house to take us for the snorkeling trip!



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