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Luncheon at WongSolo was good. probably it was a placebo, where the minds told us that the original always better. (well..not WongSolo originates from Solo itself..not Bali).

hehe. i thought of packing some food for our dinner, as i was very sure it'll be hard (no) halal food in Amed. but Yanto beg to differ. he said we could drive around later and sure there'd be ones. so we didn't pack anything.

Amed, a long stretch of coast running from the village of Cucik about 14km eastwards incorporating the seven villages of Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas. The pace of life here is slow and the coastal scenery quite stunning, making amed a perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali. It is the most recent tourist development area in Bali, where the tarmac was laid on the roads, only in 2000, and then followed by the installation of telephone lines in 2003.  ~ wikipedia

We passed Candidasa, and then Karangasem. at this point, Yanto finally realised that, we may need to pack some food for dinner. Well, Yanto's never been/drive far to this part of Bali actually, hence he only knew that the last place that has muslim community, perhaps was Karangasem.

We decided to make a stop at Indomaret, buying instant noodles, breads etc. aish..itula org dah kate tapau WongSolo tak nak.!

it started to rain as we left Karangasem. the road to the north east, was a bit hilly and crooked, but not as bad as when crossing the heart of Bali from Singaraja to Bedugul. as we descending, we were greeted by a beautiful view of the valley where the road then split into two. Left, for continuing to the north (Lovina) and right, to Amed. the road to amed was getting narrower. ah..there phone signal was very bad here, i had none.

we booked Rumah Adi from and you wouldn't believe that, we managed to get the price for the whole house/villa for rm170 only. but it was a bit tricky to find the place, as the phone was out of signal and we unable to contacted the place. we rode along the narrow road of Amed, passing the villages, and finally saw the big sign of Adi Shop!

the rain was getting heavier, and Yanto drove the car to the back of the shop as the villa entrance was back there. it was so unfortunate, when the caretaker told us that the villa was doublebooked. i was a bit upset at first. but the caretaker told us that they moved our booking to another villa, Aquamarines Villa. we were sort of wanted to argue, as we just worried that it'd be downgraded etc.

'Mas..jangan khuatir, yang ini lagi bagus, ada private swimming pool nya!'...haha..a big grin on my face.

we followed Made, on the staff of the villa that rode on the bike, guiding us to Aquamarines Villa. we passed the Jemeluk village and then arrived our destination.

Wow!...i was excited to see the place. it was a 2-bedroom holiday villa with private swimming pool and garden, and it was at the cliff of Jemeluk village, facing the sea. huhu. Yanto was also suprise to see the place, and told us.

' Bro...ini sudah standard Bvlgari Villa di Nusa Dua Uluwatu sana'.

we were introduced to the caretakers of the villa, Made and Suri. they briefed us about the villa, and would be at our service anytime we need them. we asked Suri to make us the breakfast for tomorrow, and it cost us around idr30k per person. we also booked the snorkeling trip with Made. the two hours trip tomorrow cost us about idr500k - inlcuding the rental of jungkung (the boat), the guide (Made) and the snorkeling equipments. actually, you can hunt around from the dive shops along the road or at nearby hotel/resort for a better price. but since it was almost dark already (due to the raining), and our villa was a bit isolated from the main area of the village, we decided to book everything with Made.

Made and Suri left us to rest. it was a 3 hours journey, and we were tired. after maghrib, 3 of us ( i invited Yanto to stay with us), cooked the instant noodles, and enjoying the TV shows, untill bed time.


  1. gip

    bvlgary villa bukan kat uluwatu ke?

  2. ha'ahla meng. you are right. kat uluwatu. silap info plak kat nusa dua.

  3. Ni tempat Yanto posted on FB kan?

  4. yeap pak wan. dia pegi dgn aku ari tu.


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