going Kathmandu (p0.3)

the revival
ah..1st day after few months, finally managed to my first few km today. well..it was a 2.6km run+brisk walk only. my heart was pounding so hard as i tried to complete the first lap run. yeap.. managed to maintain the full speed during the 1st round, but then turned to brisk walk for another lap. i thought, it'd be enough for my first day and i was starting late, it was already 7pm++.

the weather was nice, and the running track was relatively packed. and i was annoyed with the running-group thing. they ran fast, and they are in big group, conquering the track. erghh...and the uncle that ran like 'ayam' as iwad said, still there.. running.

hope this gonna be a good start. as i need to revive back my stamina and agility. i have 2 months before the trip.

the itinerary
we are going for the famous annapurna panorama trekking, eventhough hati sangatlah nak pegi everest panorama trek. we had to save that for later, since the cost will be twice of the annapurna trekking cost. eventhough, one company managed to propose an itinerary that fit our 8-days trip. Everest trek will be a higher altitude, and eventhough, there'll be one day for acclimatization plan, the whole trip may be too much for us. hehe.

so here we go. our trip route:

Day 1 - Meet at Kathmandu Airport, program briefing, gear check etc.
Day 2 - Morning flight to Pokhara. Afternoon tour and boating at Phewa lake (bajet romantik pulak!)
Day 3 - Pokhara trekking from Nayapul to Tikhedhunga (1540m) with walking distance of 9.6km
Day 4 - Tikhedhunga trekking to Ghorepani (2775m) with walking distance of 9.4km
Day 5 - Ghorepani-Poonhill sunrise trekking (3210m), and trek down to Ghandruk (1980m) via Tadapani (2560m) with walking distance of 17.2km
Day 6 - Ghandruk trekking to Birenthanti and drive to Pokhara with walking distance of 10.3km
Day 7 - Morning flight Pokhara to Kathmandu, half day tour, farewell dinner
Day 8 - Leaving Kathmandu...sob sob sob..

on day 5, we are thinking to cut short our trekking to half the distance and overnight in Tadapani. they said the view is also nice from here. and the 6th day, trekking will start from Tadapani to Ghandrul, then take jeep/transport from Ghandruk to Nayapul and then drive back to Pokhara.

the total cost quoted by the company is around usd510 (with the return flight Kathmandu-Pokhara), and then additional usd15 for the transport from Ghandruk-Nayapul.

okeh. till then....


  1. mak aii... aku rejek la iti cam ni.. banyak trekking2 ni.. pancit dowh...

    1. Meng. Ko bole cut short kalau tanak trekking. Bole spend 3d2n kat kathmandu or longer kalau nk try easy trek Nagarkot.
      Then fly/take bus to pokhara. 3d2n dah ok..bole cover tour, phewa lake and 1hr trek for sunrise view at sarangkot. Hehe.

  2. agip, nak ikutttt!!:D

  3. hehe..all the best, agip..ambik gambar cun2..tak dapat p, dpt tgk gambar pun jadilah huhuhu..

    *saya dapat quotation dari outfitter nepal, mereka bagi $750 utk 13D 12N

  4. murah gak tu. yg tu ABC trek ? my cost dlm usd510 tu sbb amik return flight cost around usd200 return.
    x try plak tanya nepaloutfitters hehe. cuma for my trip tu..i tried few highly recommended kat tripadvisor....only company neh paling murah...yg lelain semua nearly usd600 kalau amek flight. hehe.

    anyway..all the best w rinjani-komodo trip! okeh...

  5. kalau dr kathmandu ke pokhara by bus berapa harga ?brp lama?


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