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our next stop after lunch was Artisan D'Angkor. it is an art and craft centre, established to preserve the cambodian's art and craft, while creating the job opportunities among the cambodian people, particularly from the rural area. extract from wikipedia (malas nak tulis).

Artisans Angkor is a Cambodian social business whose purpose is to create job opportunities for young people living in rural areas, while reviving at the same time traditional Khmer craftsmanship (stone and wood carving, painting on statues and on silk, lacquering, and silver plating).Two sites are open to the public in Siem Reap – one specializing in crafts located on Stung Thmey Street and the other specializing in silk at the Angkor Silk Farm (20mins drive from Siem Reap center, in Puok district).[2] Seven shops selling handmade items made by Artisans Angkor can be found in Siem Reap center, at the Angkor Silk Farm, at the Angkor CafĂ© in front of Angkor Wat temple, in Phnom Penh city center and in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Airports as well

we were greeted by one the volunteers which then (should) be the tour guide of the centre. ah..pardon me, reminiscing again. back in 2008, we were guided by a friendly young cambodian lad, where he enthusiastically explained to us a lot of things about the centre. but this time, i don't know. probably because we are asians that prolly give a little money for the tips, the guy that suppose to guide us was almost non-existence and impatient. 

1st... he just told us that we can read the info about the centre that hanged on the wall. then, for each section of craft that we visited, he sort of impatient to move to the next one, while us trying to see closely the artisans working and taking the pictures etc. i was seriously annoyed, but then, don't let my bad experience stop you from visiting the place. it is free and it is worth to see. the silk farm, which located 20 mins from the city centre is also an interesting visit.

anyway, enjoy the pictures. 

ah..there was a Blue Pumpkin Cafe next to the souvenir shop of the place. since i didn't have a chance to visit the one in the city centre, near the night market, so we made a stop enjoying the ice-cream and croissant there. was nice.the croissant, perhaps was a bit overrated, but by cambodian standard, was a yummeh. the ice-cream was good.

Yusof took us to nearby crocodile farm, and thought that we might be interested to buy leather products. we just made a quick stop and gosh..seeing the price...mahal wehh... but Yusof told us that he used to bring the Datuks and Datins, buying stuff there as it is relatively cheap when the product goes to the mainstream market. He also drove us to the so-called Factory outlet, which turned out to be a pricey-top grade imitation clothes store.

seeing us with empty hand, made him realised that we ain't shopaholic. hehe. and he stopped asking us whether we want to buy anything etc. more. he then took us to visit the memorial of Killing Field. it was located within a buddhist temple compound. Yusof told us the story of Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge - Pol pot period. gosh..seeing the pictures, and listening to the stories..really torn my heart out. sedih tetiba... and feel grateful with what we had in our country. the food were alloted, and it couldn't be worst, when even the clothes colour were also determined by the ruler...and it was black.

Yusof shared a lot of stories...and it was surprise to know that Pol Pot was an educated person, that studied abroad. i think the Napoleon spirit endured in him too much. anyway...the Killing it depicts...and the monument below is built as a memorial. yeah...scary...kot kena sampuk dek roh2 orang yang mati dibunuh neh...

a group of Malaysian were around when we visited the place, and they were surprise to hear Yusof was talking and explaining to us in Bahasa Melayu ( yeap...our national language), and they started to make nice and do a conversation with us. but then, i couldn't stomach when people brought up politics (particularly from the bolehbelah lah clan) an ungrateful citizen. Seriously? 

we left the group and the place, then heading to do last minute shopping at the Siem Reap Night Art Market. ah..since we still have more than 1hr left, we decided to do foot massage. hehe. last one before we left the city. we went to the same place that we had body massage, and again...even the foot massage turn out to be among the worst. i didn't feel much when the therapist massaging my feet and it seemed to be the usuals for them to gossiping among them while doing our feet. sigh...

we met another group of Malaysian,(pakcik2 keje gomen agaknya) who lingering around the art market doing the souvenir shopping etc. and talking loud. huhu..sgtla rombongan cik kiah.

the time was already around 7pm, and we asked Yusof to drive us to the airport. it was time to say good bye to the place....

another Blue Pumpkin outlet in the departure hall. yummeh.

leaving siem reap... the flight was full.

we left LCCT after midnight, taking the taxi to Yasir's crib. we spent the night there and then went to work from his house on the next day.

it was a nice revisit.

reminiscing back the memories of the place, despite the lows that we experienced. the place is now is expanding and becoming touristy but i hope it will not be too much. it is good for the people and the country's economics, but they have to move a pace at one time.

trying to build the place in a midnight, will turn the nation no-less than kiasu, and they'll never be as good as Bali or Thailand, speaking from the tourism industry perspective. imagine... Yasir was scolded by one the stall owner at the art night market, when asking to lower the price - If you don't have money, go back to your country'. I even got yelled by the lady at the stall when ignored her - sir, why you don't look at me, why you no talk to me'...i was like? gosh...

i wish to go back again sometimes, road trip as Yusof suggest, exploring the rural, and the neighbouring countries - Laos, Vietnam etc. and i wish my muslim brothers there will survive and getting better. InsyaAllah.


  1. nanti aku nak tiru itinerary nepal..

    sila share

  2. SM - hehe. will do that. skrg tgh study2 beberapa itinerary + budgeting.


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