jomBali (p2)

good morning kuta.
as predicted, i overslept. and only woke up as heard my friend knocking the door. 

it was still early i.e. around 830am and we went out to find something for breakfast. and that was when i missed the country - nasi lemak, teh tarik, roti segala roti was hard as no shop/cafes opened yet for breakfast. luckily the KFC already opened and served breakfast.anyway, based on my previous experience, most of the hotels, even the budget ones, do give complimentary breakfast, which can be as simple as toasts, eggs of your choice, fruit salad and coffee/tea. 

btw. before we arrived KFC, we were greeted by a man.'dari malaysia pak?'. was kind of weird to have some stranger being too friendly, in the early morning. he told us about himself and used to work in Malaysia etc. and then finally invited us to visit his shop that selling the clothes, fake billabong etc. gosh...we happened to entertain him and went to the shop, and honestly it felt like 'kena jampi' jer. pardon me, i'm just guessing. probably we fall into the trap because he was too nice and friendly. but we didn't buy anything and just told him that we need to have our breakfast first.

and it was getting annoying as he told that he'd wait for us. to our suprise he followed us till KFC and waited outside the restaurant. aiyaaa..trauma sungguh. we felt so uncomfortable and unable to enjoy our food as he kept peeking from outside, while waiting for us. did us, as we wanted to leave the place, without him noticing. 

we saw him left the place and we made our moved. but we heard him calling us from the back ' pak mau ke mana?'. we walked quickly and i shouted at him that we wanted to go to the beach and we'll think back later about going to his place. i didn't know what was his reply, as we walked fast without looking back.

Kuta beach in the early morning. 

while enjoying the view and strolling along the beach, we were again greeted by another stranger. this time, a guy who claimed himself as the surf instructor, offering us to join the lesson. we politely declined the offer. he then told us he is also a tourist guide/driver, and gave us his number, in case we need to hire for one. a friendly chap, but then, there's always hidden agenda. hehe. nothing as good as free courtesy in kuta.

it was getting hot, and we started to leave the beach and made our way back. as we didn't want to meet the physcho-guy earlier, we took different route this time. we walked along Kuta beach until we reached Kuta Art Market, and to Kuta Square. we stopped at Matahari Mall to buy some souvenirs and t-shirts as memento. i always choose to buy souvenir t-shirts here, because the quality is good and worth the price. in fact, the mall always offer good discount. and plus, i don't like bargaining with the street/market vendor.after that, we walked to the hotel via the back lane, as trying to avoid the guy.

we checked out around 11am and then left our luggage at the hotel's lobby. and it ain't they charged it for idr18k for 24 hours. i think it was reasonable. we then walked to Legian street, for our next activity of the day - Spa. hehe. yeap..i do spa in Bali. and we went to Smart Spa. i did the 2 hrs Balinese Massage for idr200k. the place is well recommended in TripAdvisor, and i'd been there before. in fact i could ask for male therapist too. (compliance ok...)

Yanto already arrived and waited for us as we done our massage. we got our luggage back, and then began the ride to our next destination - Amed!. but before that we stopped for lunch at Wong Solo.



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