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we planned the trip within 2 weeks.i bought the flight tickets which cost us around rm600/pax return, booked the hotels and villa (more about this later), and luckily Yanto was available to be our driver.

we left for the plane after office hour on Friday. our flight was at 825pm, and we had dinner in the flight. it happened that Farah Quinn was on board to serve us her Nasi Jinggo Bali. hehe. what a great meal to start the trip.

we arrived Bali after 2.5 hrs flight and we settled everything almost midnight. Yanto was already there waiting for us with his friend, driving his new ride. well..he had it for months already after his marriage, but it was the first time, he drove me for bali. yanto told me that he mistakenly thought that i'd arriving on the night before. he was waiting at the airport carpark already, and realised it'd be the next day. hehe.

we booked tune hotel in Kuta. the single room cost around rm70. i decided to try tune hotel this time because i didn't want to gamble with the possible bad condition of the budget hotel in Kuta, as we arrived in the middle of the night. 

anyway, i happened to be satisfied with the room, except that it was too hot. the fan, eventhough was turned to the highest speed, only gave a fraction of wind. i think it was purposely designed, so that people either will pay for the air-conditioning or opening the windows.

but the bed and the pillow were good. and the shower, the bathroom...worth than dealing with the cheap budget hotel that comes with smelly toilet etc. huhu.

ah..there was a kiblat sign too..and there's enough space for praying, in my single room. 

i slept well that night, despite the heat. probably because i was too tired, travelling straight from the office. hmm..



  1. Your 4th times there? OMG! I'll be going to Bali next year in February. Will read the rest of your entry! Can't wait.

  2. zaraab... hehe.. unfortunately..4th time already. :)

    stay tune. :).


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