going Kathmandu (p0.2)

already bought the ticket. managed to grab the promo ticket that gave us rm720 return. adding the luggage, food, window seat and the credit card fee..it'll be around rm900, hopefully. with 8 days only ( had to be since some members unable to commit longer than that), our trip probably gonna be a packed one, as we going for the highlights of Nepal, including the trekking/hiking.

i was eyeing to trek/hike Langtang or Everest region, instead of Annapurna, but all tour operators that i contacted so far, recommend Annapurna region is the best to fit my schedule.

with 2 proposals now coming, i have few options on the trekking/hiking routes, where both route peak at the view point of annapurna range (as bold)

1. Nayapul - Ghandruk - Choomrong - Jhinu Danda - Pothana - Pedi
2. Nayapul - Tikhedhunga - Ghorepani - Poon Hill - Nayapul

the proposals also actually cover the kathmandu and pokhara visit, and even the ground transfer. so far both quoted the local flight Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu cost at usd200 (round trip)...and it is almost the same price we paid for our KL-Kathmandu-KL. well..time is precious. we have the option for tourist bus..which cost a fraction only, but it'll take 6-8 hours drive. huhu..

anyway..i'm still doing the maths on behalf of the group, and still sending request to tour operator as many as i can. will share it later..

till then...


  1. meng

    ah..apparently, semua trekking company propose annapurna region. tadelak mention pasal kathmandu valley - nagarkot. hehe..note on the suggestion. akan study gak nagarkot route neh.

  2. Update yek which one is better and will be taking. I might be going as well. Which mth are you going?

  3. Lily. am going end of october, during deepavali + awal muharram break.

    anyway, no worries, will update the plan here. stay tune..hehe

  4. utk 8 hari, mereka letak harga berapa?

    seharusnya saya juga ke sana same date with u tapi cancel atas sebab tertentu..frust...

  5. zilla...setakat ni..quotation dari 3-4 company letak harga ranging from usd510 - 659 per pax, for full board nye package. harga masih tak finalise sebab masih nego. InsyaAllah will be shared.
    tp my trip ni tak cover sampai ABC. sayang nye u x jadi pegi...teket burn kah?

  6. ada minta quotation dari Mr.Arun tak?

    entahlah, mungkin dah takde rezeki..Insyallah, tahun depanlah kot..itu pun kalau lutut ne masih gagah hehehe...

  7. mr arun dr which company zila? so far tade lagi encounter nama mr arun. hehe

    i pun neves nk trekking ni. last serious one was ijen, x silap i. huhu


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