George Town Street Art Hunting ... we had 59!!!

ah..this is a long due entry and it has to be concluded. pardon me.
as mentioned in the previous entry here , my nex 7 battery already flat as we stopped for our nasi kandar lunch at one of the mamaks of lebuh chulia. and i had to continue my hunting, depending on my lumia 620  camera.  we went back around chulia and lebuh pasar, trying so hard to find the 'Roti Benggali' sculpture, but still no luck with us. giving up, we decided to move and hunt for our next target.

the next sculpture we found are in series as below, starting from Chulia area, till the Komtar area a.k.a penang road. 

The Main Street

Thing Thong Sculpture
High Counter Sculpture
Budget Hotel Sculpture
Cheating Husband Sculpture
Rotan Sculpture
Spy Sculpture
we thought of stopping, as we had not pray yet and since the spy sculpture is just near the penang road, where we parked our car, we made our decision. we took our car and yours truly driving us to Prangin Mall for a quick coffee break and had our prayer.

while comforting ourselves on the Starbuck couch, everybody was browsing again the map and felt like going for the remaining, as we were left with few more to catch. we'd been hunting the past 43 art works for the rest of the day, and why not chasing a little bit more of the remainings? huhu...

so we did continue our hunting...and knowing that the remaining sculpture, just around the corner ( as we thought ).   
Shorn Hair Sculpture
Three Generations / Char Koay Teow Sculpture
Same Taste, Same Look Sculpture
Rope Style Sculpture
Limousine Sculpture
From the Limousine Sculpture, we walked back to the Penang Road area, where our hunt continued. our hunt on the 'Labourer to Trader' sculpture brought us at the back of Chowrasta i.e. Jalan Kuala Kangsar, and it was the road where all the 'pig' slaughter houses located. was terrible to walk along the road, with the smell etc. and we couldn't find the sculpture. our theory was it was located at the wall of the back of Chowrasta wet market, where it was under renovation that time.

as we couldn't stomach with the place, we quickly left the place and looked for our next hunt.

Kopi O Sculpture
Mr Five Foot Way Sculpture
Happy Hour Sculpture
the day was getting darker, and our last catch of the day was the Nostalgic Meal Order mural.
Nostalgic Meal Order Mural
we made our way back to Prangin Mall where we parked our car, and drove back to Batu Feringgi. It has been a really long day for us. But before went back to the hotel, we decided to go to Hard Rock Hotel first, since Hafriz and Liza wanted to buy some souvenirs from the place. we had our dinner at the restaurant nearby and then back to the hotel. 

our feet sore like hell, as we'd been walking for the whole day. and we pampered ourselves with body massage at nearby parlour before end the day with a good sleep. :)

so, in total...we managed to capture 59 street artworks around George Town...we missed few, and if not mistaken another 5.  would like to thank Aki Borneo for his informative blog entry that lead us to this accomplisment. we also found the link for the useful MAP from his blog. 

happy hunting everyone!


  1. At first i thought that the 'sculptures' were paintings or murals using black paint.I know a few murals in penang like the one on your blog- the kid on the motorbike,the kids on the bicycle.Then suddenly it hit me..the meaning of SCULPTURE ;P rasa nak ketuk kepala sendiri hehe. This is the first time i know about these sculptures.An eye opener,for me at least :)

  2. hehe.. tape fara...good luck hunting in the future.

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