siam reap ... a revisit (p4)

sorry. this is an overdue entry. in fact, i still have few more chapters from this visit to be told.

our next stop, after the light lunch was Tha-Phrom, which located just across the street. things changed, as i barely recognized the entrance road of the place. in fact, as i entered the temple, it was no longer looked like a ruin like it used to be back then. i think a lot of restoration work has been done and completed.  i was almost lost finding the tree with giant-root, that we did pose for a picture last time. hehe. the place was a bit calm and cooler, as the trees and restored building/temple shaded the surrounding. and it was pleasant to walk around. 

enjoy the pictures.

it was already 435pm and still too early for us to climb Bakheng hill for the sunset. hence, we made another stopped at one of the temples in the complex. pardon me...i forgot the name, since i barely understand what our driver said when he explained to us the name was still hot and we were challenged by the steep stairs to reach the top of temple. see the stairs below!!!

and it reminded me the temple at the top of Bakheng hill that we planned to go later. they said, the stairs were made that way, as the monks had to crawl to the top, which somehow represents the status of human, a slave. i don't know whether this is correct or not.

hehe. anyway..the hardest part is always to descend this steep stairs. azabbbb...especially for the gayat people like me.

we headed to Bakheng hill around 530pm. it took us almost 30 minutes, to reach the top of the hill. to my surprise, we were no longer need to climb the steep stairs as the management already built a proper stairs, as below. i think this is due to safety reason, as everyday, hundreds people would flock this temple to watch the sunset and everybody would descend almost at the same time.

back in 2008, it was quite horror to see people rushed to descend, and in fact, i slipped few times too.

anyway...we didn't wait until it was totally dusk, because we didn't want to rush down with others in the twilight, descending the hill. we spent around 30 minutes at the temple and then left the place.

it had been a long day. we went back to the hotel and freshen up ourselves and then went straight to the massage parlour at the night market nearby the hotel. it was cheap, but then it was a disaster. we didn't check the condition of the room, and just agreed to do body massage there. it turned out the parlour had a small in-proper room, where everybody were just separated by curtains.

it happened to be a peak hours, where the room was packed and yasir had to have his session at nearby parlour because there was no space left. perhaps, it was the longest 1 hour of my life...seriously. the massage was terrible..and it was so noisy inside the room, where the therapists were gossiping among each others in khmer language..and even the lady therapist next to my curtain laughing like a banshee, most of the time...i didn't know what was so funny.. at $8 per hour...with that kind of place..a definitely no-no.

please...check everything before you decide things in siem reap. people just do things for sake of money...i pity them.

after a 1-teribble hour, we headed to the night market nearby and had our dinner. a big one this time, because we hadn't eaten for the whole day, except the bread.we had our dinner at Ababa Curry House...

the food tasted good. i don't know whether it was because we were too hungry or it was really tasteful. hehe. btw..we met the group of youngster who did the annoying busking last night, ate at the same restaurant. i think they were group of art students etc. as there were some 'lecturer' figures joined them for the dinner. anyway, we were lucky as they didn't make any noise that night.

ah... i finally found the famous blue pumpkin cafe...but it was about to close by the time i went there. well...definitely a stopover for tomorrow. i must try the famous croissant that my uncle told me. hehe

a long day. a bad driver. a terrible massage. a good dinner. that concluded our day.

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