life's a beach - redang breakaway ... (interlude)

i need a break.
and this gonna be a break, before puasa. ad-hoc arrangement, despite the plan has been in the 2013 checklist since early of the year.

bertabah betul. i was away attending conference (+leisure) in Langkawi...and thought friends could take a lead doing the planning and arranging things etc. i was wrong. it turned out, it happened yours truly, be the one who did almost everything. like always. balik jer conference, terus menghantar email to all resorts in Redang....

11 resorts been contacted, and we were lucky as Redang Reef still has a slot for 3 of us. itupun...friends still wondering to go or not..and siap tanya2 boleh tukar date etc. or not..etc.

so here we go...counting days..huhuhu

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