George Town Street Art Hunting ... cont.

okeh. the journey continued...we discovered 32 so far!!!...and more below!!!
Too Narrow Sculpture
Procession Sculpture
This Old Man Mural
Reaching Up Mural
Cannon Hole Sculpture
Born Novelist Sculpture
Then And Now Sculpture
Kandar Sculpture
Ah Quee Sculpture
Little Boy with Pet Dinasour Mural
Boy On A Bike Mural
pheww....the last two were among the favourite spots. the traffic had to bear with us and other hunters who flocked the place and posed for the camera etc. hehehe.

and we were hungry...and started to look something for our lunch. and  we were back to the busy lebuh chulia. we were suppose to catch the 'Roti Benggali' sculpture, but failed. we couldn't find it..eventhough we were back and forth looking around the buildings on the street and even almost stroll our feet to lebuh king and the little india... 

we gave up and decided to stop for lunch at one of the mamak's there and fed our tummy with Nasi Kandar. and my nex-7 battery...died. erghhh...disaster!!!! up till the last two murals...we had 43 art works already captured. and we still got another 23/4 to go!!! 

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