George Town Street Art Hunting ... cont.

we left the jetty, and started to enter the 'deadliest' part of the hunting. was because we had to cross the main roads, and most of the next art works are just next to the busy road of penang. and knowing the unfriendly was like a death wish..hunting these.

Haj Pilgrimage Sculpture

Chingay Procession Sculpture - sangat effort nak amik gambar sini. luckily the road empty for split moment.
Penang : Past, Present & Future Mural - not part of the original series. recently added by local artist
Waterway Sculpture - pardon the heavy was in the middle of the day already
No Plastic Bag Sculpture

Cow and Fish Sculpture
Ironsmith Sculpture
Escape Sculpture
Little Children on a bicycle Mural
the journey continues....

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