George Town Street Art Hunting ... cont.

the journey continues...
Tok Tok Mee Sculpture
Gedung Rumput Scuplture
Untrained Parakeet Sculpture
Street Fighters Sculpture
Duck Sculpture
Double Role Sculpture
Yeoh Only Sculpture
Property Sculpture
Brother and Sister on a swing Mural

Children Playing Basketball Mural
Amah and Asoon Mural (this was not part of the original mural series by the armenian. it was added later and is an artwork of the local painters)

Akong and Amah Mural - already wiped out due to safety reason ... the floor nearby was said not safe for the visitor to linger around
Children in a Boat Mural - sadly this painting already faded. probably because of the sea water nearby the jetty.

we were a bit disappointed to see the Children in a Boat mural already faded (destroyed) as such.
it was scorching hot...and we were yet to cover half of the whole series...


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