care (less) whisper

a good friend quoted me 'been avoiding him' and 'kerek' , as we'd not been lepak for quite sometimes. it stunned me for a while. i've to admit, i've been in this mode for few years already. i care-less to know what's happening with all my good friends, even bestfriends etc. as i'm disappointed when they decided to leave all the friendship-baggage, once they move on to the new chapter of their life.

yes. i care-less now.

how does it ok for me, when my bestfriends just assumed that i'm nowhere now, hence we lost contact and even not wishing each other 'selamat hari raya' etc. but when we met, and when i told him i'm no longer on facebook, twitter and even lost my list of numbers because my iphone drowned when snorkeling in tioman last year...and to my suprise, he still have my name in his phonebook when trying to miscall me. sigh.

how does it ok for me, when other friend also replicate the 'phone' hilang thing as his excuse for not contacting me, when i call them up to meet for teh tarik and catching up..afer almost a year we left everything?

yes. i care-less, but i did remind them - i know you guys have a lot to do in your new life etc. and i won't blame for it. just pick a date to meet, whenever you guys have both of your feet on the ground. i always be here as i am still here.

and it has been 6 months since my last message to them.
and don't call me 'kerek' or anything. and don't just assume i'm no longer around whenever friends asking about me at your hari-raya open house that i was not invited. ok? 

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