happy teacher's day

i have fond memories, celebrating teacher's day.

one that i remember, back when i was in form 1. the school was having the celebration at the main hall, and they were playing this win-lose-draw thing, students vs. teachers.
it was afternoon and i was seating at the back rows with my friends. i was sleepy, and happened to sleep. suddenly, a friend called my name and woke me up.

friend : woii..bangun..nama ko kena panggil naik stage tu.
me : hoh! (sleepy and tetiba berpeluh coz panic attack)

i felt like everybody was looking at me, coz i had not made my way to the stage yet.
hadoii...and i walked to the stage with a sleepy face..LOL. kantoi baek punya tido dalam dewan.
luckily i survived the game and managed to do the task. hehe.

happy teacher's day.
cikgu-cikgu ku sekalian - dari tadika rumah murah, sekep, semsas, kmys etc. :)

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