siem reap ... a revisit (p2)

good morning siem reap!
the late night jimba before, made us woke up late that morning. well....actually the clock was ticking at the same position, but because siem reap is one hour earlier than we (almost) missed the subuh pray. huhuhu. 7am...and the sun already high.

the guesthouse overall was ok. only cost us $18 pernite/room for twin sharing and includes breakfast. the room, pardon as i don't have the picture, came with TV, free wifi etc. and i think, was quite a bargain. well...i know there are few other guesthouse that offer cheaper price etc. but this is the cheap one with good reviews that we found at 

my only complaints about the hotel was only the bathroom water smelt like rust and the aircond wasn't that cold.

we had our complimentary breakfast and to our surprise, the definition of 'bread' in siem reap is referring to this french-bread/baguette. yasir opted for 'bread and pb/jam' as he thought it'd be the sliced-loaf bread, but it turned out to be baguette too. hehe...keras la nak makan roti neh. 

once everyone well fed, we began our tuk-tuk ride to our destination of the day - angkor complex. ah..before that, the driver made a stop to buy the petrol for the ride and guess what, he didn't bring any money and asked from us to buy it. i think yasir paid for the $3 petrol. we then continued the ride to angkor complex which located about 30mins ride from the city centre. since it was still early morning, the temperature was still pleasant and it was nice to see siem reap from the ride, despite the 'bumpy' road.

make sure you have some small change in riel because you need it when entering the paid-toilet.

as we arrived at the entrance of the Angkor Archeological Park, the driver stopped us at the counter to buy the ticket. we bought one-day pass which cost us $20. our first destination was Angkor Wat itself. since it was already almost 9am, the place was already flocked by everybody from all over the world. honestly i felt it was a bad timing, and i would recommend for you to opt for the sunrise tour or come early as once the place is packed with people, you wouldn't enjoy much the place.

i think it was the season where the big group of korean, japanese and chinese tourists flew to siem reap and they were like all over the place. and honestly, i couldn't stomach this k-pop, j-pop and c-pop grannies (most of them were older people), as they were so loud and making a lot of noises with their shouting etc. and then conquering the queue, entrance etc. pening pak cik tau...

i don't know, these kind of people...other than to show off they have a lot of money by travelling over the sea, did they really want to see the world? seriously, i was annoyed.

anyway..enjoy the pics from Angkor Wat.

we spent about more than 2 hours at Angkor Wat, going to any possible corner of the place, taking pictures etc. despite our annoyance on things mentioned before.

we made a stop at the stalls selling the souvenirs inside the Angkor Wat compound, and to our suprise the price was cheaper compared to what we observed at the night markets, before. so we decided to do our shopping there. the fridge magnet, if not mistaken cost around $1 instead of $3 at the night market. i spent about $20 for fridge magnets, snow-globe, plates etc.

after that, we went to our next stop which was Ta-Phrom...

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