siem reap ... a revisit (p1)

siem reap. 

a place with full of memories with my bffs. it was the first place, oversea that we traveled together. ah..time tu gaji kecik jer and tunggu bonus announced during the ramadhan..then we suddenly decided to go there. my passport was renewed and the first stamp on it was, sieam-reap immigration stamp. :).

now after 5 years, i revisited the place. some people asked my why would i travel to the same place again and again? few of my friends, in contrary, rather spend the money somewhere else. hmm...for me, places, where i have good memories to hold on, will always have a place in my heart. like how much i heart Bali and Bromo. hehe. and for siem reap, because it holds the memory on the first time i traveled with the bffs. going back there, was like seeing the old friends. hehe.

anyway. it was actually an ad-hoc plan. a friend was browsing the AA offers early of this year and decided to travel to siem reap over the weekend. he invited me and hafriz to join him, and of course...for me 'why not?'. the ticket was quite cheap - rm350 return, compared to last time when i went where it was around rm700++. well, i was a bit naive with the AA promo thing..and we thought the price was already cheap, that time.

so it was a 2days and 2 nights trip. we took the last flight ( AA flies twice a day to siem reap), rushed to the LCCT straight after work. and it was full house, and mainly with westerners. i think sieam reap, is not that popular among our people. well, knowing that not many of us can appreciate the 3rd world city/country like indochina...or to visit unesco heritage site etc. it is well understood, why only us that seemed to be the malaysians (or bruneian for yasir) in the flight. (alah..ade jer orang malaysia lain dalam flight tu).

ok. the 2hrs++ flight journey felt fast. probably because my travel time was occupied with dinner (we ordered food), then reading the travel mag., then preparing the camera etc., then chatting with hafriz about the place etc. like i was the local. hehe.

after settled the immigration clearance, me and yasir went to buy the local sim cards for our phone. there was only one that opened at the airport. ah..the price was darn cheap...for $7... we get 1gb internet, free calls to selected asean country - including ours, etc. too bad, brunei was not in the list of the free minutes call etc. as usual, being the foursquare hipster, checked in lah! hehe.

hafriz told us that the guy from the Tropical Breeze Guesthouse already waited for us outside. and guess what...our transport for that night was a tuk-tuk. huhu...i didn't have the chance to ride on tuk-tuk, back when i visited the place before. so that was a blast! took us almost 30 minutes to travel from the airport to the hotel...passing the big main road, then through the city of siem reap itself, passing the crowd of the night-life in siem reap.

anyway, before we ride, our driver, a young chap from the guesthouse asked us about our plan on the next day and said he could drive us to visit the angkor complex. since everybody wants to ride on tuk-tuk for true sieam-reap experience, instead of hiring a car and driver, we agreed to use the guesthouse's service. it cost us $15. oh...the chap, which i forgot the name, claimed that he understood and could speak (little) english. so we were fine by that.

our guest house located just nearby the Angkor Art Night Market. i think it was about 5-10 minutes walk. but then the location of the guesthouse, is a bit secluded, if i were to say easy or not to find. but no biggies, since there were few hotels/guesthouses located along the road. 

we checked-in into our room. me and hafriz, and yasir on his own since he said he needed some 'private' moment, if happen to call his family back in brunei. after had a short break and pray, we went out to see the night-life of siem reap. hehe..well..we just strolled and visited the Night Markets and the famous pub street etc. oh...why markets? the place has changed very much since my last visit, as they are now have more than one night markets in sieam reap. if i counted it right..i think about 3 or 4... - the Angkor Art Night Market, which is next to our guesthouse, then the original Night Market, the old-Night Market and at the end of the road/area...another Night Market...uh... 

it was a busy night in siem reap city. everybody seemed taking the time-out to enjoy, after a long day of visiting the angkor complex or exploring the tonle sap. massage parlour, particularly foot massage was like everywhere and every places were trying to win the customers for their places. so did the beggars.

and while strolling at the pub street, a guy came to me and said ' sir...lady sir..good one' and with his hands showing the some xxx gesture. hahaha...

we finally decided to do foot massage at one of the big massage parlour at the Angkor Night Market - Dr Fish Massage. actually we were looking for body massage, but the tokey shouted that he didn't have the room for us and only had for foot massage. it was late already at 11pm, and we decided just to go with the foot massage, a 1 hour for $3. darn cheap!!!! as i thought.

however, it was a lousy experience. i think the lady was already tired and i didn't feel a thing when she massaged my feet. in fact, the ladies, probably bored already, couldn't stop from chatting among them while massaging our feet. and they got further distracted when suddenly, in the middle of the night, there was a group of Malaysian, started to do busking in front of the shop. argh....i think they were students, seeing from the way they were and they kept (making noises) singing all songs that they could ever think of while hitting the bongo drum they bought from the art market. trauma...wrong place...wrong time. if only the tourist police there (ade ke?) did something...mesti masuk lokap diaorg neh. menganggu ketenteraman awam.

seriously..defak kuasa infiniti. they just spoiled the night..and i didn't even think that the crowd were enjoying them. they were just making fun of themselves like a bunch of retarded idiots.

after 1 hour of lousy foot massage, and it was already mid-night, we decided to go back and end our day. coz it'd be a long day tomorrow, to visit the angkor complex. :)

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