siam reap ... a revisit (p3)

oppsss..our 2nd destination of the day was Angkor Thom complex. and at this point time, i just realized we had a communication breakdown with our driver that know very little english. i thought we were going to Tha-Phrom first, then to Angkor Thom complex, after lunch. that was the route i used to go, back when i visited this place in 2008. apparently, the driver rode the tuk tuk to Angkor Thom complex, with our first stop Bayon temple, that famous with its smiling buddha.

anyway, it was scorching hot! and i barely enjoy my time there. pheww....

after Bayon, we went to the temple next to it, Baphuon. This temple was under repair/maintenance work back when i visited in 2008. but now you can visit till the top level of temple. However, since it was hot already, none of us wanted to climb the stair, instead we were just walking around the temple and made an exit at the back and then strolling around Phimeanakas temple, which was next to it.

below is the view of Baphuon, it is a buddhist temple, if not mistaken and if you look closely, the bricks were arrange and mimicking a sleeping buddha.

we walked around, and made an exit at the Terrace of Elephant. we did not proceed to Terrace of Leper King nearby, as everybody was not in the mood. the tummy was singing already. hehe. we saw our tuk-tuk and called the driver.

knowing that there were definitely no Halal option inside of the Angkor Complex, we decided to go to a proper cafe/restaurant...since at least we can opt for the sandwich etc. i read in trip advisor, there is Angkor Cafe, which is a bit pricey, but then it is the best option highlighted, instead of the local restaurants/stalls around the place.  

we had a communication breakdown again with our driver. we told him to ride us to the place i.e. Angkor Cafe, and i think he just understood that we wanted to eat and brought us to one of the local restaurants/stalls, which located in front of the Tha-Phrom entrance. it was hot (i repeat), and we were hungry, and were brought to a wrong place, and the owner of the restaurant was annoyingly persuasive, insisting us to eat there. we told that we couldn't eat the food etc. and she insisted to cook vegetarian dishes for us, but again none of us willing to. we ended up buying the drinks and luckily, still had the bread that i bought before departure yesterday. 

and we saw our driver had a rest on the hammock inside the restaurant, and was provided lunch by the owner. so...that was the reason we were brought to the place. erghh...

we were approached by the kids that selling all the goodies. yes. i was touched by the effort they showed to get a dollar. poverty here really made me realize how lucky we are. anyway, these kids, despite their persuasiveness, put such effort to learn english and tried to converse, and that somehow made my day. one of them tried so hard to sell a pack of postcard to me, and i just teased him by asking 'how old are you?' and he smiled shyly and answered, and his group of friends laughed when he managed to answer me. gosh...i feel sorry for these kids, but i couldn't splurge all my dollars on them, aite? 

after had a very light lunch with the bread, we then went to our next destination...Tha-Phrom ..(tbc)

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