riding in a car with roslans - leaving WA

day 6 - 16th February 2013
Au-Revoir Western Australia ...

as i barely slept that night, i was the first one that woke up. it was 3am, and i started knocking the doors and then tidying up the place while others preparing for the departure. 

oh..something happened with the garage door and i think it was the remote battery because we couldn't opened the door when we were back from Westfield, the day before. Ayah decided to park the car outsider the garage..to be safe. berpeluh kot nak bukak pintu garaj tu kalau stuck. huhu..but then the garage door happened to be ok to be opened using remote that morning, and we didn't have to use other doors to bring our luggage to the car. after all ready, and left the key in the mailbox...ayah then drove us to the airport. 

we dropped others and the luggages and then went to Hertz parking to park the car. seemed that we were among the earliest that arrive for check in. anyway..the AAX check-in staff wasn't that friendly. i asked for us to check-in together, but she asked for Cha to step back as his boarding pass was not carrying the same booking number. sigh..pepagi dah ada drama. tak cukup tido or pms kot?

i returned the car key at the Herzt dropbox and then we waited near the quiet room, waiting for subuh. after had our subuh pray, we decided to wait in the departure hall. oh...the roslans manage to do some last minute shopping before we passed the immigration. again...the immigration officers...gosh..semua muka ketat. 

anyway, nothing much to see and shop at the departure hall, and everybody seemed sleepy and decided to just seat and wait. then it was time to board. 

the flight was almost full that morning, and we had another malay family seating in the rows in front of us..and they were kind of too loud..especially the mum. erghh...bising betul duk telling the kids the dos' and don'ts. after had our meal...everybody then lost in their own rem-cycle. sambung tido.... and we arrived LCCT about 5 hours later.

hmm..overall...i love Western Australia...and would love to see and experience more of it!..in fact during this trip i didn't have much chance to explore the city of Perth itself - we missed the King Park.

definitely will be back and hopefully when the weather is good - summer is too much and the heat wave was like...erghh. 

next trip probably will go for the wildflower trail, whale watching, driving up to monkey mia or kimberly..then to the down-south - Albany, perhaps...huhu...jom2 jom2...

p/s: just click on the western australia tag to read the whole story of the trip :)

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