memento : dacing vs. bulan

my first memory of general election, was the 1990 GE.
i was still in standard 4, know nothing about the thing, other than the 'dacing' and 'bulan' symbol...well since in terengganu, only these two parties contested.

if my memory serves me right

fren ; sokong mane? dacing ke bulang?
me : hoh?
fren : dacing kapir mung...
me : ????
fren : eh ..orang kate kekgi dacing menang, cuti skoloh mung.
me : hoh..cuti skoloh..best2.

enough said. how naive us kids to talk about adult business. but when i looked back, my conversation with my friends back then, i realised, how much what the adults in their life lived with, influenced them very much. ah...dosa mak bapak tanggungla time tuh...

me : aihhh...kecik2 lagi dah nak kapir2 kan org. 

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