(if) i kissed a girl

theVoice season 4 is back. well. this is (among) my favourite talent show so far. 

but i had just a quick love-hate-relationship with the show during season 3, because it was such a heartbreak to see amanda being voted out. 

anyway...the show is back..and this time without Xtina and Cee-lo...but then its true..with Usher and Gojess ( 1000 x) Shakira, i don't miss them at all. hahaha. 

the idol is getting boring with Minaj sort of trying too hard to steal the spotlight from everybody..and theXfactor?. hahaha. 

anyway. michelle was not perfect, but somehow i love her performance. and seriously, this her rendition is rolling non-stop in my head today. huhu.

as usual..vote team Adam. 

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