i dream of mabul

pardon me. the past 2 weeks, as soon as i touched down tanahairku, after my weekend break to Bali, has been nothing less than a rat race. i'm currently been asked by my big boss to lead this big thing. new department, new people, new team etc. and my learning pace of the new of everything has to be that steep, considering the result that expected by the big B.

and then whenever i have think kind of mode, the only (quick) stress relieve thing i could do, is to think about the beach. yeap...amed of bali experience was a blast, with the upgraded villa etc. , but nothing could beat the feeling of being in where stacy was singing...Mabul. more, fairuz kept mentioning that the place is like a heaven on earth...once u been to Mabul and Sipadan ...you'll never want to look back. huhuhu.

and this is my therapy to release my daily stress due to the rat-race of my worklife...layan...

okeh...before puasa...jomssssss.

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