siem reap ... a revisit (interlude)

WA stories will be continued soon. don't worry.

just want to share some teasers on my recent trip which happened last weekend. a weekend break to siem reap with my buddies - yasir and hafriz.

anyway, the place has a significant for me, since it was the first place i travel, post university life. it was sort of my first oversea trip since back from the study. my current passport now is about to due a.k.a 4th May 2013 ( 6 months before expiry) and this siem reap trip could be the last trip that i'm travelling with it. unless, something happen in April ? huhuhu.

anyway, it was just a short weekend break. we departed straight from the office on friday night, and went back to KL last night. just enough for my buddies to taste the highlight of siem reap. okeh..story mory will coming soon. 

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