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sorry. it has been a while since the last entry of the trip. as usual, been busy and i didn't even have chance to jot down even the draft on the OneNote etc.

day 3 - 13th February 2013
Back to Perth (Augusta - Margaret River - Busselton - Cannington)

after briefly visited the small town of Augusta (the visitor centre etc.)., we continued our journey back to perth. as it was already passed 10am, and knowing that we wanted to arrive perth early, we decided just to pass by Margaret River town, despite of early plan to stop by and visit the place etc.

the beautiful landscape of south western with the clear blue sky, never failed to impress me. i couldn't resist to keep snapping the photos of the place. hehehe.

we made a stop at the famous Margaret River Chocolate Company factory. no worries, the chocolates there  suitable for vegetarian, can be considered halal, except those with rums etc. mum was a bit sceptical to try/buy at first, but after talked to the friendly staff there, and the staff explained and quoted 'halal'... well....apa lagi..tetiba borong chocolate etc. hehehe.

anyway...we had a break at the factory cafe...and i tried the hot-chocolate..absolutely gorgeous.

all well, and everybody seemed enjoying the chocolate time there. we then continued our journey to our next stop - Busselton. oh..we made a quick stop as one the shop near this chocolate factory as thought it sells fresh fruit etc. (the sign mentioned farm, dried fruit etc.), but it was nothing much there. confuse semua org dgn tempat tu...huhuhu.

ah..it was already closed to noon as we left the factory..and it was hot already. a bad combination for a long journey..aka..tido lagi la the roslans. seriously i couldn't understand. hehehe.

we finally arrived Busselton around 1230pm. compared to Margaret River, Busselton is slightly bigger and looks modern with the store like Woolworths etc. anyway, we went straight to visit Busselton Jetty

this place is one of the main attraction in Margaret River region. the jetty is famous as a historic/heritage monument where it is extending about 1.8km across the stunning Geographe bay and it is the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere. there is Underwater Observatory at the end of the jetty where it descend 8 metres below the water's surface where you can see the marine species of the southern ocean. 

the entrance fee to the jetty is aud2.50, and if you opted for the tram, it'll cost you aud11. btw..we missed the tram that will only be back to the entrance after 30minutes. it was scorching hot and it was only me, ain and kak long that decided to stroll on the jetty and taking pictures etc. mum, dad and cha decided to stay in the visitor centre and did some souvenir shopping.

we didn't go far as it was really hot and 1.8km distance seemed to be impossible mission to reach. hehehe. i think we only walked not even a quarter of the distance. LOL. anyway, the place is nice and i think at right time, it could be simply breathtaking.

oh..it was a hot summer and i think the temperature was again peaked around 40degC and the locals were swarming the beach. 

we then left the place, looking for fish and chip shops to have our lunch since it was time already. and i couldn't believe, it could be that hard. i mean...we decided stop at Bunbury instead, as we couldn't find good parking spot in the Busselton town. as we reached Bunbury, the only shop that we found (next to KFCs and other eateries), only sell fish and chip after 5pm... watdehek sangat?

at that point of time...everybody seemed to be a bit grumpy..hehe. lapar sangat dah...we decided just to continued our journey and try our luck at any eateries that we could find along the way. and we finally found a cafe at one of the rest area...and it sells fish and chips!. huhuhu...

bon apetite....the portion was quite generous, and we even got extra chips from the owner. hehehe. after that we continued our journey to Perth. as usual everybody asleep..and it was only me and ayah that had to stay awake. huhu..nasib nasib...

we arrived Perth around 430pm and decided to go to buy some supplies first before heading to our rental accommodation in Cannington. and we were lucky, as our rental house, just next to the Westfield-Carousel shopping centre.  we bought food, drinks etc. and then made our way to the house. we didn't go out that night, and decided to relax since it has been a long day. anyway, we cooked nasi goreng that night for dinner.

till then....

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