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day 3 - 13th February 2013

Back to Perth (Augusta - Margaret River - Busselton - Cannington)

Sheoak Chalet is an eco-friendly lodging, where it uses rain water as water source, promote recycling etc. our chalet/house comprised of 3 bedrooms, with one is an attic room. my brother decided to take the mattress and slept at the living room and i had the room all for myself.

however, despite the pleasant temperature as being in the wood, the summer night turned the attic room into an oven. it was hot and i barely slept, even with the fan opened. ah...it was so hard to push myself into the rem...and i felt like the sound of night in the wood - cricket, old tree branches and leaves fall on the roof, brother's snore etc. amplified.i think i only managed to sleep for few hours, before ayah woke us up for subuh pray. and i couldn't sleep anymore after that. i decided to stay awake and then take a walk outside, enjoying early morning breeze of the beautiful valley nearby.

this morning, it was ayah's turn preparing breakfast for us. and guess what? he made us maggi goreng. huhuhu. 

we then cleaned up the house, put everything back to place and packed our stuff to check out. it'd be another long day on the road again, today. before we checked out from the unit, as usual...photo session. the place was so beautiful and we wouldn't want to miss it.

i didn't manage to meet the owner,Steve as we left the unit quite early at 830am. but i managed to speak with him over the phone as i needed to settle payment. a friendly chap and he was very warm and insisted us to come again. ah...one thing for sure, i'd never able to understand his words in thick Oz accent at a first glimpse. in fact, he was also couldn't understand my words too. LOL.

we then made our way to our first destination that day, the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse of Augusta. this place located within 15mins drive from Sheoak Chalet. the lighthouse is famous not only because it is a historic monument, but due to its location. the breathaking deep blue sea where the cape facing is the meeting point of the two great ocean - the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

ah...the view of the cape in fact, simply amazing. it awed us, especially mum as she kept mentioning how beautiful the place is.

anyway, the entrance to the lighthouse was still closed as we arrived there. few cars already arrived and waiting for the gate to open. the entrance fee cost aud5 per person/entry and if you want to opt for the guided tour where you can go up till the view-deck of the lighthouse, it costs aud11. we opted for the entry only, strolling around the place till the observation deck of the sea etc. oh..the staff was kind enough giving us discount. we only paid the price for 5 pax for 6 of us.

as usual, we did quite a shopping at the souvenir shop there, despite the price which relatively pricey, but then the mementos are augusta/cape leeuwin exclusive and not available at other place. the staff there was friendly and chatted with me as waiting for others to decide on their shopping. he was aware that we are from malaysia and told me he used to backpacking in malaysia and climb kinabalu too. to our suprised, he mentioned Dungun of Terengganu, was among the places he went in Malaysia. hahah. we chuckled happily and told him we are from the state of Terengganu.

we left Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse around 10am, then made a quick stop at Augusta town. it is a small town with few rows of shops, all meeting at a one big junction.

after all set...we left Augusta and heading to our next destination ... tbc

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