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day 5 - 15th February 2013

Fremantle day-out

Our Cannington Home
couldn't believe time really flies. with all the dramas we had on the first few days etc. , long road trip etc., it was our last day already in Perth/WA. i decided to move the visit to the City of Fremantle to this day because of the e-shed and the fremantle markets only open from Friday to Sunday.

just a some info about Fremantle, and pardon me as i am too lazy to write. this is the extract from Wikipedia.

Fremantle is a city in Western Australia, located at the mouth of the Swan River. Fremantle Harbour serves as the port of Perth, the state capital. Fremantel was the first area settled by the Swan River colonists in 1829. It was declared a city in 1929, and has a population of approximately 25000. The city is named after Captain Charles Howe Fremantle, the English naval officer who had pronounced possession of Western Australia and who established a camp at the side. The city contains well-preserved 19th century buildings and other heritage features.

so basically, i thought we gonna see old buildings etc. and in my imagination back then, ah..this would be like visiting York, UK..plus as some people mentioned ' fremantle neh kecik ajer..bole cover jalan kaki'...and i recall, all of us like it very much when we visited the place few years back, mainly because of it is a pedestrian-friendly city..where you could just walk to cover all over the place there.

we departed from Cannington around 830am after had our breakfast etc. this time - bread and scramble eggs, with salad, juice etc. ahh..a very omputih style breakfast. hahaha.  it took us about half an hour to arrive this city. we parked our car at one of the Wilkinson's parking, which cost aud10 for one-day (it charges by hour anyway) and started to walk exploring the city. ah..seriously..this is no York and i felt like cursing those who gave such a thought. i was bringing my parents, and strolling on every inch of the city that big was a definitely not an option. even me also wouldn't do that. but don't worry...they have the free CAT buses, Red and Blue that ride all over the city and stop at all major attractions of Freo.

oh...our first stop that day was the E-shed market. it was about 15 minutes walk from our car, where we passed the Fremantle Train Station and few of the old buildings there. and i just discovered there, there was parking next to the market and i think the price was relatively cheaper compared to Wilkinson parking. even it has daily rate too.

btw...i pity my mum as we walked and passed the buildings etc. as we didn't realise there was a short cut next to the Fremantle Station to the market. erghh... anyway, everybody was still in good mood and get better as we entered the market. It was a shopping time!!!. As recommended by others, we went to Aussin Gifts and Souvenirs Shop . The shop is owned by Indonesian and i think it was the biggest in the market as it occupied few shop lots in the market. we were greeted in bahasa and the owner was really friendly. i didn't remember her name, but Ibu was so kind to entertain us the whole family etc. and telling us where to go and eat etc.

anyway, the price of the gifts and souvenirs here -- waaay cheaper than other places we went before, and i think the quality was good too. and everybody, grab a shopping bag and each shopping the mementos like in pasar lambak. hahaha. Ibu suggested us to go for Kaili's Fish and Chip which located not far from the market. and my parents already set their mind, that should be the next stop.

me and ayah sent our shopping bag to the car, and then we started to walk from the e-shed market, searching for the nearby Kaili's. and where was it? seriously...when Ibu said, just around the corner...i never thought it required another 15 minutes walk in the middle of the day...huhu. ayah went looking around the building in front of us, and didn't see any sign of the shop and everybody already get grumpy. finally, i couldn't believe that i had to use GPS and set into pedestrian mode to find the walking route to the shop. and honestly, it was not just around the corner of the e-shed market. erghhhh...we had a de-tour all over the roads and buildings of the fremantle before arriving there.

i felt sorry for my family as they had to walk and walk and walk under the sun.luckily, everybody except me, bought a hat for each, as knowing it'd be a hot day. hehe. finally...Alhamdulillah..we managed to find the place. oh...at the front, there was another shop which is Cicerellos , which comes with the tag - Best Fish and Chips in the world...yadaaa... haha. but then since our mind already set with Ibu's recommendation, we walked further and found Kaili's which located at the block at the back. ah...all of the cafes there were facing the harbour and i think, at good time (other than scorching hot afternoon), it could be a nice place to enjoy the meal. anyway..there were also few families too looking for either Cicerellos or Kailis (both are famous), for lunch.

we decided to seat inside, since it was hot outside there. we ordered the family-meal (for four) and added calamaris, salads etc. and again, being a typical Malaysian who always need something hot, we were so unfortunately that the only added flavour offered - salt, pepper and vinegar. erghh...bedal jer la kan since dah  lapar. anyway, the portion of the fish and chips (for 4) was very generous and enough for 6 of us and i think the total cost for our lunch that day was around aud70, including the drinks etc. anyway, my verdict about the Fish and Chips - overrated. probably because, i tasted better, back when i was in UK ( hahaha..nak berlagak la tuh).

after lunch, it was time to discover the city of Fremantle. but then since everybody already not in mood, since it was hot (ngada kan? org malaysia tak suke panas), we decided to discover the place by riding on the free CAT bus. we only made a stop at Fremantle Market . 

Compared to e-shed market, this one is a more to a traditional art/central market. i like the place, but did not manage to discover much as others already not in pace to see things there. well..maklumlah masing-masing dah shopping souvenirs at e-shed earlier. we spent there around 30 minutes and then hopped on the CAT bus, and continued riding, until our last stop at the Fremantle Station. after made a quick stop at the mall (see..cari shopping mall gak), for a toilet break, we drove back to Cannington. 

me, ayah and ain went out again to the Westfield, to buy dinner as we thought there was halal-cafe at the foodcourt. we mistakenly thought the kebab-place, as it was actually at the Cloverfield mall that we went for the Corelle shopping, the day before. so we had to cook again in our last night there, and this time we bought some chicken breast from the halal-poultry outlet next to the woolworth of the mall. oh..we also bought their chicken pie, which turned out to taste better than the frozen one that we bought at Danish Patisserie. huhuhu. we also bought some 'sambal tumis' paste from the oriental/chinese shop there and also some more shrimp.

dinner again. we had nasi goreng with chicken breast, then sambal tumis udang...hahaha...ko hade? also the chicken pie.  it was a mission to finish all the food as we needed to clean the house etc. that night before check out.

as usual, the early morning flight + early wake up, meaning we won't get a good sleep. takut terlajaaakkk pulak tido kannn....huhu.


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