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day 4 - 14th February 2013
Caversham - Perth

i guess everybody felt relieved, as we were no longer on a long road trip for the next few days. no longer need to pack our luggage to move from one place to another like a nomad. i know the journey had been fascinating ones, but the energy and commitment to stay enthusiastic, quite a challenge for non-traveller (cewahh..macam la traveller sgt...). ah..just saying it on behalf of mum and others.

anyway, i booked Cannington Home Accomodation via stayz.au.com. the lovely self-contained unit cost us aud220 per night. i think it was a good deal for our big family, even you divided the cost per pax. the owner, i think a malaysian chinese, since the english dialect sounds malaysian and in fact when we met a malaysian colleague on the next day, he asked whether the owner's name etc. and he sounds like knowing him etc.

ah...you can browse for further info about the house from the link above. note that the location of the house - Cannington, is not at the CBD etc. i think it was about 20mins from the Perth CBD. i'm not sure about the public transport, but i guess the best option if you are staying around this area is to rent a car.oh..the good thing is, it is located near the Westfield Carousel Shopping mall, if you are a mall-goers, like my family. hehehe. 

our plan on the 4th day in perth was visiting the Caversham Wildlife Park, to do the must-do list when visiting the down-under which is - playing (or whatever you want to call it) with the roos. huhuhu...

btw. about kak long's missing luggage. i tried to call AirAsiaX Perth, given by the staff that handled our problem last few days, and sadly, it was annoyingly hard to get through. most of the times, it went into the voicemail. wtf kuasa infiniti. we then decided to make a quick stop at the airport...and guess what...they (AirAsiaX) don't even have an office there. i was running all over the airport trying to look for any sign (only found the check-in counter) and tried to call the number again and again. finally, somebody picked up the phone and i had hard time to re-report the missing luggage as they couldn't find any of the report lodge etc. ah...it was hard because..speaking over the phone with native vs. me with american slang (citpodahh)...sounds the neelofa speaking kelantan (motif?)...erghh. we no longer hope for the best. pasrah...

i set the gps to Caversham, both on the garmin and my nokia, then started to drive. it was about 30 minutes journey from the airport, passing the swan valley area etc. the wildlife park located in the Whiteman Park. as we parked the car, a big van passed us and all of sudden we saw the passengers waving their hands towards us. suprise to see how friendly stranger could be...hahaha. but then after the big van parked, the two chinese ladies came out from it and ran towards us and calling mum's name. and guess what!..they had kak long's luggage.

ah...they were the same family that had their luggage missing when arriving perth last few days. they went back to the airport in the afternoon (while we were riding to Cervantes) and decided to kept the kak long's luggage with them, in case they meeting us. how odd? hahaha...i know, probably pusing mana-mana pun kat perth neh..we'd cross the same path. kak long now a happy bunny. senyum sampai ke telinga happy sangat as her luggage now safe. anyway..the family are from JB and was on the last day in perth, and they planned to leave back the luggage to AirAsiaX if they couldn't find us. huhu..nasib baek..knowing that there are no AirAsiaX office there...huh.apala jadi agaknya if they just left with the check-in counter staff.

ah..enough with the drama...it was time already for the Kangaroos. btw..because all the de-tour and incident, we missed the farm-show which scheduled at 10am. oh..the ticket cost us aud24 per person, and there a another malaysian-malay family too, visited the place that time. everybody seemed to enjoy the time there...especially the part that playing/feeding the Kangaroos. 

Seriously..these couple made a porn XXX scene throughout our visit there...hahaha

kak long was brave enough to had a python on her neck when we visited the Wombat & Friends show. haha. oh..btw, we were a bit disappointed to know that, they didn't allow visitor to hold the koalas. only allowed to touch gently the back of the koalas. tengok all these koalas..memangla padan with the fact that this animal sleeps 18hours a day.

before exit, as usual, the souvenir shopping was done. seriously, if we know the Freo could offer cheaper options, we won't spend that much since most of the souvenirs there were Perth's mementos. not like other places that we went before, where we bought the souvenirs because they representing the places etc.

after everybody satisfied with the shopping, it was already noon and lunch time. we headed to Perth City as there are plenty of halal-dining outlet there. but before that, we made a stop at the swan valley area and bought the grapes. manis and yummeh...

the GPS took us to the famous Insan Cafe, which located at the Murray Street of Perth city. yeap..ke mana2 saje pergi...orang Malaysia neh..if jumpe kedai malaysia...that serves halal malaysian food..memang tak ingat dunia akan makan. btw..the price for me was on the higher side..same like the mak indo's cafe where had our lunch few days back. image aud10 per person...huhuhu...taper2..jangan convert...makan jer asal kenyang..

after our lunch, we made a stop a Big W at Cloverdale, since this one located near Cannington. the mission was to buy Corelle...as mum been thinking about it a lot since Joondalup. hahaha. anyway...the outlet here was small compared to the one in Joondalup, but then mum managed to find her choice. she bought four boxes of the dining set and yeap...the total price was relatively cheap compared to the price in malaysia (mum said...).

after that, we went back to Cannington and have a rest, before went out again to Westfield. yeap...the mall is opened till 9pm every Thursday, and we had mission to do that evening...shopping dan shopping. semua orangla shopping, except me, which then only bought a travel luggage --- proof that beg boleh beranak pinak. hahah. 

okeh..that ends our 5th day in Perth. tbc.

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