juliet oh juliet

ah...i love this movie
1. because it was shot in Italy
2. amanda
3. dalam hati aku ada tamaaaan 

anyway, the country is among those that has a significant memory to me. i visited there once. short backpacking trip with a friend to the northern part of the country. ah..i love almost everything about the place, except the harsh and rude immigrants that grabbed my hands while i was enjoying the view of piazza del duomo of milan , asking me to buy the corn for the pigeons.

i wish i could go back there again. hmm...if the ultimate trip of this year - kathmandu, china etc. unable to be done, why not buat keje gile pegi backpacking europe? balas dendam? motif?

i love being there. despite italian is a bit 'rough', but they are actually very passionate about themselves...the way they talked and expressing things etc. what 'Eat, Pray, Love' film depicts is just right. gosh...i missed the cheese and tomato pizza bought from the stall at one the venice's alley, i missed watching the sunset at piazza san marco while enjoying the live music from the posh cafe that surrounded the piazza. 

yes. some day. and perhaps with a road trip to discover the beauty of tuscany landscape...like in the movie eh?..hehe

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