riding in car with roslans - the rambling

hoh...too many pictures to be selected and sorted out. pening kepala den...luckily i set the files to RAW+JPEG, so that the indication of memory left in the SD card will limit me from keep snapping etc. a 16gb can store 1500++ jpeg files of 24mp picture okayyy...berpinor mate kalau ada 1500.

now i'm left with around 800 pictures to choose.

i'm thinking to do a photobook for our trip this time since i think the feeling of seeing and 'touching' the pictures on the paper meant more than just browsing on the files on the laptop etc.

with the cost of 4R print that can go beyond everything, if every single picture to be printed, photobook is the best choice since you can also make a collage of the pictures, particularly the not so good one (technically) but still have the capture the good moments etc.

i always use myflippix, but now trying to look for other options too. any good one? hmm...

Morning in Cape Leeuwin of Augusta

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