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day 2 - 12th February 2013

Road to the south ( Cervantes - Lake Thetis - Joondalup - Augusta )

we continued our journey to the south after had our lunch at Joondalup Lakeside Shopping Centre. we bought some supplies too at the woolworths - salad, fruits, drinks etc. we then, entered the freeway from Joondalup, passing Perth itself, mandurah, rockingham etc. anyway..since we were obeying the speed limit there (110km/h)...i felt the journey quite boring since there's not much to see. 

the gps constantly reminded us whenever we went beyond the speed limit. as usual, others already entered their rem cycle and only me and ayah that (had) to stay awake. i think the summer heat really catalysed the well fed people to sleep. hehe.

anyway, as we left mandurah and started to enter the southern region of WA, the landscape started to change. well..from Cervantes where you see the bushes, sand dunes, to Yanchep, to the modern city of Perth, passing the housing area of perth sub-urbs..the southern region of WA reminds me a lot of UK countryside landscape. ah...i remember how beautiful driving along the freeway next to the field of buttercup and lavender. anyway...the south region of WA was no less beautiful and it kept me to stay awake. 

half-way...ayah already sleepy and asked me to drive. we changed driver and i drove till Bunbury. before arriving Bunbury, we made a stop at one of the rest area.

we continued our journey to Augusta after this short break. anyway, everybody thought Bunbury was our destination when the gps kept mentioning there'd be another km to arrived before the next turn etc. but actually we still have 100++ km more to arrive Augusta. 

hehe. so we made another stop at Bunbury's Caltex station. we had our tea-break at the rest area of the station. oh..we still had the chicken pies from this morning btw. 

after that, we changed driver again as ayah said he was fit back to drive this time. okeh boss. we left Bunbury which located in the Geographe region of the south-western australia, then entered the famous Margaret River region. this region is famous for its wine. same as before..the beautiful landscape expands, as far as the eyes could see.

we passed the small town of Margaret River itself and it reminded me the Bakewell town of Peak District,UK. it was no longer hot and the temperature was pleasant already. everybody stayed awake this time and enjoying the view along the journey this time.

we finally arrived Augusta around 5.45pm and went straight to our accomodation, Sheoak Chalet. i booked the unit via stayz.auz.com and the unit that can accomodate up to 6 people like us cost aud200 per night. i didn't manage to meet the owner - Steve as he was still away that day. his wife, greeted us and handed the key to the chalet to us. oh..eventhough the chalet located a bit far from the centre (2km), but the location was beautiful. it was like staying in the countryside. our unit was near the valley of the hills in Augusta.

the unit was facing this beautiful valley...huhu...sangat syahdu okeh tengok pemandangan ini di depan pintu rumah...

we then refreshed ourselves, solat and rest. the day had been a long one too since we traveled almost 6 hours that day...covering almost 800km from Cervantes...huhuhu. macam dari perlis ke jb pulak.  that night, we cooked our dinner - brahim's kurma, telur dadar, salad etc. and as usual...dah penat travel...makan nasi pulak lauk malaysia...memangla menjilat pinggan....oh...forgot to highlight..since we didn't bring out rice-cooker and the unit that we stayed so far didn't have the rice-cooker...we had to cook the rice manually...like they said 'tanak nasi'. bergilir2 tunggu nasi supaya tak hangus..huhu...

anyway..enjoy more pics of our backyard there...


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