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day 2 - 12th February 2012

Road to the south ( Cervantes - Lake Thetis - Joondalup - Augusta )

i just had a quick nap after subuh, then woke up, preparing the breakfast for the family. we had egg-croissant  and chicken pies that morning. then we started to clean up and tidy back the house, as per typical rule of self-contain unit accommodation there. while others packing up things, me and ayah went to fill up the tank at the (only) nearby petrol station.

around 830am, we left the unit and dropped the key at Don's office. then ayah drove us, one more time around Cervantes, before we stopped for a while at the tourist information centre cum post office there. we bought souvenirs, just for memento of the place. the price was relatively expensive compared to the place that we went on later days. huhuhu.

then we headed to our first destination of that day, the nearby Lake Thetis. The lake is known as among the few lakes in the world with living marine stromatolites, which known to provide some of the most ancient records of life on Earth by fossil remains which date back more than 3.5 billion years ago...exciting eh?

anyway, it was hot already and mum decided not to join us walking to the lake. the wooden-path that led to the lake was about half-km far. she waited in the car with ayah.

 then, our long journey to the south began. and usual... the only people that stayed awake were me and ayah. others...asal naik kereta jer..dah tertidur. huhu...

anyway...i enjoyed the view that Indian Ocean Drive offered. it is fascinating how diverse the landscape changed and mixed along the way - the sand dunes (as we were near the famous Lancelin), the 'smoke-bushes' etc. we just unlucky because it was not the wildflower season.we passed Yanchep National Park, as ayah suggested we continued the journey instead, since it'd be a long way ahead and we'd visit Caversham on later days etc.

we made a stop at Joondalup Lakeside Shopping Centre. the intention was to have a coffee break, but it turned out to be a long one. we decided to have our lunch there, and as usual, since it is a shopping mall...everybody seemed excited to stroll every corner of the place. haha...and mum (and me) discovered the cheap offer of Corelle at Big W etc. anyway...the mall was big and we only managed to cover the first floor. tak larat den....

oh..there was halal-kebab outlet at the food court, and we had our lunch there. :)

 okeh...a well-fed companion now ready for the long journey to the south!


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