riding in car with roslans - p5

day 1 - 11th February 2013

Airport - Danish Patisseries - Harbour Town - Corica- Woolworths - Cervantes - Pinnacles

the journey from perth to cervantes was quite tiring, even to those passengers that just slept all the way. hehe. everybody sort of taking the chance for a quick nap after freshen up ourselves, before heading to our next plan for that afternoon - Pinnacles.

before that, me and ain cleaned up the kitchen utensils to be used with 'taharah' soap that we brought from home. samak la apa yang patut... then we had our tea-break, having the packed kuey-teow bought from mak indo's cafe earlier, the pies from DanPat and the delicious apple strudel of corica. i must say that the strudel met my expectation. i mean, people talked a lot about it like it was the signature dish of Perth itself. what i like about it, the layers of the strudel, combined with the just-enough sweetness of the custard cream and off course the apple-chunks itself...yummeh! teringat2 la pulak time2 neh... (ah...i just handed over the last piece of it to Rokiah earlier today...sob sob sob...)

we left the house around 430pm and headed to the Pinnacles. Don, the owner already told us that we will missed the discovery centre of Pinnacles, as it closed at 430pm, but we still can enter the park. as we arrived, there was nobody there, other than another car. we paid the entrance to the park - aud11 per vehicle/car.  nobody was there at the entrance gate, and the payment was made manually by putting it into the envelope provided and then into the box available there.

the ayah drove the car to the park. we saw kangaroos on the way to the park. anyway...it was no longer that scorching hot, the sky was cloudy and it was pleasant to walk around the rocks etc. off course, cam-whoring lerrr..apa lagiii...

overall...this place is a must visit. it may not that breathtaking as other places that i'd before, but to think back and seeing this Allah's creation - how the place/rocks evolved etc. i must say it is something to ponder and to be grateful. i'd come again this, if had a chance, to photograph again this place under the clear sky...someday :).

we didn't stay for the sunset, but we did visit the observation deck to view the place. it was nice. after that, we drove back to Cervantes and along the way, managed to see kangaroos, resting at the side of the road. anyway, it could be quite dangerous, for both drivers and the kangaroos, as the kangaroos tend to cross the road and caught by accident etc. i saw few dead kangaroos along the way to Cervantes earlier. and that was among the reason also they didn't encourage to drive at night along the area since the kangaroos easily attracted to the light.

we made our way back to the Cervantes and before reaching our home there, ayah drove us visiting the small town of Cervantes. seriously...it was a really-really small town, with a row of shophouses, few motels/hotels, a community centre (with bowling alley), vacation houses (cantik2 pulak tu) etc. somehow if i could quote, the place really looked like a small 'pekan koboi' with friendly people. 

we didn't go out that night to try their local speciality - the lobster, as suggested by Don. of course lah..the clan prefer to stay inside and we just cooked our dinner tonight - nasi, telur dadar, salad and brahims' curry. hehe...sungguh menjilat pinggan. 

everybody off to bed early that night.
it had been a long day...


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