riding in car with roslans - p4

day 1 - 11th February 2013

Airport - Danish Patisseries - Harbour Town - Woolworth Victoria Park - Cervantes - Pinnacles

i never thought the summer in perth/western australia could really be that hot. yes...i was aware about the forecast mentioning the above 30 deg C temperature etc. but what we had there...hmm. i could see everybody seemed to tired already, even though we had our good breakfast at DanPat earlier. anyway, the GPS was set and we drove to Harbour Town.

the place was just opened as we arrived and kak long had her shopping done as needed. in general, as a factory/shopping outlet, Harbour Town turned out to be below my expectation. i was expecting at least half the shops there were 'branded' ones...but then most were just brands that i didn't know much (probably Oz originals) and i could say normal brand which i found out later selling at the same discount at Westfield or Joondalup etc. Even the exclusive brand like Oroton, only had few choices. Far compared to JPO or Orlando's one that i went before.

It was summer, and its open-air concept was a bad combination. Mum, who always excited about (window) shopping didn't have the mood to browsing the place. my advice - go shopping at Joondalup or Westfield or Hay/Murray Street if you want to.

kak long's shopping done and we decided to start driving to Cervantes, knowing that it'll be a long journey. i was still not having any idea where to have our lunch yet and kept browsing the option on the phone. finally, we decided to go and buy supplies first and then go for lunch, anywhere that come across.

i only knew IGA and Woolworths, hence browsing the places to buy the supplies. i decided to go somewhere a bit outside the CBD since i knew that it'll be hard to find parking in the CBD itself. the closest Woolworths that the GPS locked was near the Victoria Park. all set and ayah drove us to the place. ah..before that..we made a de-tour to buy the famous Corica Apple Strudel. the shop located at the north bridge. this signature pastries cost at aud20 and the portion was big enough for the whole family of 6. we then drove to Woolworths of Victoria Park, Perth.

as we arrived...everybody already dried up (of energy) and decided to stay in the car. only me and ayah went to do our grocery shopping. luckily we found that there's a halal restaurant owned by indonesian couple at the Woolworths. we had our lunch there. the total meals, including the tapau kuey-teow, cost us aud100. wow...imagine per meal...already cost more than aud10. and try to convert it?anyway...i guess our mode in this trip was not to be too picky about the cost of the food...since it was halal and the portion was generous and a well fed travel companion, is a better than a grumpy and hungry ones. :)

the journey to Cervantes began at 1pm. and as usual, only me and ayah that consistently stay awake. the GPS guided us to the new Indian Ocean Drive, which was really scenic. i enjoyed it very much, except i didn't have the chance to stopover and spend time taking pictures etc. since we were in the mode of arriving Cervantes as soon as possible. yeap...we were in need to freshen up, after long (half) summer day with dramas, heat etc. oh...i swapped with ayah, half-way of the journey as ayah was sleepy already to drive.


we arrived Cervantes around 3pm..after almost 2 hours journey from Perth CBD. i booked a self-contained unit (a house) for the family at Cervantes Holiday Homes. it cost us aud200 per night. Don, the owner was a really friendly chap and welcoming us well. as handing over me the key to the unit, he explained all things that i should know and could do there like - Pinnacles, local food (the lobster), the small town of Cervantes, lake thetis etc. anyway...it was a relieved to finally arrive.


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