riding in car with roslans - p3

day 1 - 11th February 2013

Airport - Danish Patisserie - Harbour Town - Woolworth Victoria Park - Cervantes - Pinnacles

3 hours since arrival, dealing with all those headache etc. hungered ourselves like hell. the option was either to have the breakfast at the airport cafe or drive to the Danish Patisserie. as usual, mom always better with  the halal option and we agreed to hold a bit of the hunger and drive to the place.

anyway, i got the info about the place from the travel forum that i been reading for the past few years. everybody was like having this place in their itinerary and highly recommend the place. you can check further info about the place here Danish Patisserie . 

after loaded all the luggage in to the car and set the GPS, we were set to go. it took us about 20 minutes to arrive the place which located in the industrial area of Bassendean, Perth. well..it wasn't a big industrial area actually, just few blocks of offices and majorly the customers of this outlet are the workers around this area. anyway...it serves halal pies and all sort of bakery things. 

we arrived there around 830am and it was hot already. the outlet didn't have tables inside, and we settled at the table outside and ate our breakfast, with the summer sun of Perth shining on us. panasss dowh...hahaha. we bought a pack of chicken curry pies, since knowing that it'll be hard to find halal food in our next destination for overnight i.e. Cervantes.

how did it taste? well...the stuffing and the size were generous. the taste, just ok for me, but good enough as knowing that they even have 'malay curry' thing also. LOL. didn't recall how much our breakfast cost. i lost the expenditure details that i save in my phone because i had to reset my lumia 620, back from the trip. huhu. for sure, the maximum it could go around aud50. (mahal dowhhh!!!).

after breakfast, i searched for the closest Woolworths, as thinking that we may buy some clothes for kak long as i thought Australia's Woolworths the same as in UK. We went to the nearby store and it was just opened and only to discover that, the store only selling foods and households.

Ah...since the ripple effect of the morning incident moved our plan to visit Caversham to later days, and we still have ample time to spend before driving to Cervantes, we thought, it'd be better to spend the time and do the shopping at Harbour Town Shopping Outlet, as we may not be able to slot in again this place on the later days. the GPS all set, and ayah drove us the place. 

ah...shopping2 la pulak..awal2 pagi neh...

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