riding in car with roslans - p2

day 1 - 11th Feb 2013

we arrived Perth international airport 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. since we were among those sit at the back rows of the plane, we had to be among the last leaving the plane.

yeap. i was excited. 
but first thing first. the immigration cards were yet to complete for the clan and we had to spent some time to fill all the missing infos and then were among the last that queued for the immigration. seriously. the morning face of the officer was not that friendly. erghh...muka semua stok sentap2 jer. was it just me or it is typical for immigration officer of morning shift, wearing those kind of face, welcoming people to the company? erghh.

our immigration cards where then taken by the custom officer and here we go. another not so friendly officer. i think because we were leaving the hall late and he sort of got something else to do. he just grabbed our cards and rushly asking. just to be safe, i just declared and explained to him about the chocolates, biscuits and the packed brahims etc. big red on our cards.

now...the drama started.
we went to the conveyor to pick up our luggage. everybody left already and there was only one chinese family still watching and waiting the belt bringing their bags. and after a while. it was confirmed. erghhh!!! kak long's bag was missing. somebody must had mistakenly took it.

a headache as early as 6am. we went to report the missing to the AAX staff there. a young boy. but he was quite attentive as helping me to confirm all the info for report was filled in correctly. he gave me the number to call in case we don't hear anything from them.

kak long's mood already down. pity her as she kept mumbling about her clothes, her perfumes etc.

once settled with the report, we made our was to the arrival hall, but before that we were called to open our bag and showed the food that we declared earlier for inspection. another officer came and this one is quite friendly and let our food passed.

'fine by me' ...ah...lega...if not it'd be another headache.

now the plan had to change. we had to move our plan to visit caversham wildlife park to later day since that morning, we got to do some shopping for kak long, since we'd be away from perth itself for few days, before able to come and collect the luggage in the airport, in case they found it. 

i went to Hertz counter to collect the car key and gps unit. since i chose to take the full coverage for the whole trip, i had to pay additional of aud46/day on top of the car rental. suprisingly to know the cost if higher than what hertz malaysia quoted me i.e. aud40/day....and total cost of my car rental for 6 days paid on that morning was aud857. hmm...i did my calculation earlier and i thought i'd be just around aud800. but then since i was not in the mood to argue etc. and just wanted to get things settled, i just let it go. but then to think back...i wasted almost aud57 = rm180...aiyooo...rugi pulakkkk.

then i went to vodafone booth to buy the pre-paid sim card for call and internet. i bought 3 packs of aud30 starter pack and had ain and cha using the remainings. hoping that they'd do the surfing of the place etc. in case we need info etc.

we then moved to the car park and get into our car. it was an MPV - Kia Carnival. a spacious people mover that just perfect for our big family and luggage. huhu...

our first destination - breakfast !!!!!

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