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Sunday - 10th Feb 2013

went to the office early morning just to print the boarding passes and few documents to bring for the trip. ayah followed me and spent his time wandering around the mall. i joined him after that and ended up, did some shopping on clothes to be brought for the trip.hadoiii...blame the CNY sales. LOL

i haven't packed my stuff yet and did that once we get home, after had the lunch with the family. phew...we had 5 suitcases for to be checked in..with everyone carrying a hand carry etc. the most important tool - the cameras and its stuff, already packed. we were all set to go after asar.

ayah dropped me at the lrt station as i'd be the only one travelling to LCCT by bus. i arrived at the airport at almost 730pm...and others already arrived there and waiting for me. ayah decided to park the car at LCCT parking C only, but mom insist the big white need to be under the shade instead of the sun, when we left her. huhuh....buat muka ketat sket...as i was a bit tired handling the luggage etc. earlier.

me and ayah then drove to KLIA parking A after that. we left the big white there and then decided to take the cab to LCCT instead of waiting for the bus. gosh..it cost us rm45 for the short trip...but then we had too since we wanted to save time. the transit bus, is not at frequent basis and would take time. we still hadn't checked in our luggage and we didn't want to be late for that.

ah...the clan was having dinner at Merry Brown as we arrived. anyway..suprisingly..LCCT was not that busy that day...probably people already traveled on the day before or earlier. we then proceed to the check-in counter to board our luggage. 

we were early. thank GOD...as we were checking in etc. the queue started to grow. huhu. the friendly AA counter staff, made things went smooth. all set up...!!! me and ayah then had our dinner at the Noddles, before proceeding to the departure hall. it was still early, but then we just didn't one to get stuck at the immigration and the screening.

ah..we still had 2 hours to go. after me and ayah had our prayer, i just waited at the chair while them, wandering around the duty frees. anyway..i just knew that we had to go for another security screening before boarding to the plane. and about 1 hour before boarding, we already waiting at the departure hall. again...as we were early...bolehla..duduk dengan aman. as more and more people came after and some did not manage to get the seat etc. 

it was already approaching 11.30 and beyond the bed-time for most of us. i was yawning endlessly and was only thinking to put myself in to the rem cycle once on-board. 

we were called for boarding. most of the faces already turned into half-zombies (or zomba) and everybody wanted to settle on their seat as soon as possible. 

that was the first time i board on AirAsiaX. not bad in general. but still felt a bit tight. probably because the roslans are plus-sizes. huhu.. anyway...i was the last to get on my seat, of all the roslans. the reason? well...there was this indian/pakistani family with their luggage wandering around looking for the seats etc. while they were actually on the premium-seat at the front of the plane (i found out as we arrived). sigh...yennadey...melambatkan proses aku nak tido jer. emo tauuu...

so all set...and we then flew as per scheduled. here we come ! Western Australia!!!!

zzz..... adoiii...ada pulak baby menangis. so our rem cycle was disturbed and we barely slept that night...i pity mum as she needed the rest etc. uhhh...didn't realise our seats were that close to the row where the family with infants always requested

pejam celik pejam celik....and finally the captain announced on the arrival...and i just started to fill in the immigration cards....for everybody...huhu...


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