riding in car with roslans (interlude)

ok. it'll be tomorrow night.
we bought AAX tickets last december for almost rm1.5k each person. i know it is expensive compared to the promo price...but then, the promo price is not available for the period that we plan to go. the final check list before departing tomorrow:


  • print boarding passes for both routes - erghh..gotta go to office tomorrow for this.
  • change money for another 1k 
  • hotel/motel/house voucher print out
  • itinerary - done, except for CBD and swan valley area
ah...planning this trip has been quite a headache since i got to do all the thinking. yeap...since i'm bringing my parents, i need to ensure everything tip-top. nak harap other siblings...adoyaiii...

what else?..huhu..hopefully nothing missed. WA....here we come!

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