days with lumia

entry rabak.

ok. i'm still enjoying the phone. i really like wp8 interface, particularly the live tiles. i think if i have the fb, twitter etc. it'll be more fun to see all the updates etc. animated on the live tiles.

anyway...bought the screen protector last weekend...the cheap one cost me rm25..and i got the finger prints all over the screen. i didn't want to opt for the anti-finger print thing coz it makes the gorgeous 620 screen looks dull. hehe.

i haven't had opportunity to test the audio. it says - dolby thing...but nokia gave me the cheapo-basic hands-free earphone...without any remote etc. and the sound just so so. went to wangsa walk and bought the fake Dr Dre..and well...what do you expect? rabak jer!!!.probably i should buy the orignal nokia earphone by monster like this one..huhu. sila sponsor saya!!!! of now...the not so good thing about this budget lumia 620 is just the camera. yeah...iphone definitely the one. but then everybody seems to be the hipster...boring betul...

other things - ah..gotta to pay for angry birds! boooo....(sorry darling..hehe)

wish - hoping the apps market growing faster and faster. hehe..and the next update on wp8 will do more magic!

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