the parisian (wannabe)

salut, comment c'a va?

one of my resolutions this year is to learn new language.
well..regardless the method..either through classroom or podcast or android apps etc.
and shima managed to drag me into her mission of mastering french as she was thinking to go there this year. (well...apparently the plan is still on-hold as her dad asked her to join the family for hajj this year).

quel plaisir! i got the text book, exercise book and even the audio files from her and we are supposed to review our progress by end of the month, completing chapter one. huhu.

but january has been a really busy month for me...particularly due to the review with the host-government soon and one new proposal need to be presented to the management soon. i couldn't find time so far to look at the book or even unzip the audio archive. hehe..sure kena marah nanti neh.

anyway...i tried and been trying, by downloading the babbel-apps and learning the language. this stage...learning to pronounce the words kinda hard since it is not straight forward as malay or saying 'bien' or 'salut' or 'bienvenue' and my tongue sounds like i'm pronouncing spanish words (well...kinda obvious since some of malay words origin from spanish/latin etc.)

ah..this is still basic words and greeting...and i haven't gone into the details as i noted that french words sometimes has 'gender' like arabic...and i can't imagine to relate this two languages. arabic...wey..pmr results pun tak pegi ambil..coz i don't want to know about it. haha...the school made us to take the exam in form 4...instead of allowing us to learn germans or mandarin or japanese..since they know majority wouldn't want to learn it, once you passed your form 3.

anyway..will keep trying to slot in...learning the language.

okeh..till then.. bien

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