Road to Aki Nabalu - It's a wrap ...

we made our way down around 11am, after handed over our luggage to our guides. the last four that left laban rata was me, isal, shawn and ann. mentioned..already left at speed of light.

Alhamdulillah, since our summit climb didn't cause us any problem - fatigue, injury etc. , plus the good shiny weather, the journey down to timpohon gate seemed quite fast. anyway...isal and ann already left us (me and shawn) at some part of the journey and james (our guide) as usual mumbling about our pace without thinking to give us a break about it.

Timpohon trail is all about 'stairs'. It doesn't offer much view compared to mesilau, and it is pretty straight forward and recommended for those who wants to save time and make it to laban rata without hassle.

We arrived at the gate around 430pm and took the bus to the kinabalu park. few of us already left the place using taxi, as they thought we were not going to make it early to the airport. We had our late lunch and then took our luggage from the porter and the ones that we left at the park-office. After that we made a move to KK..sending those who flying that night first, before dropping four of us (me, isal, mas and bob) at the hotel nearby the airport (coz our flight would be on the next day).

We had another session of massage at the shop in front of the hotel. Yeap...rate was cheap at rm70 for 2 hours full body massage...and was compliance okay..managed to get male therapists. I was asleep half-way of the session..probably my energy just reached the 0 level by that time. huhuhu...

Slept well that night. The next morning, we went straight to the airport after having breakfast at the hotel. Bought the frozen-prawn, and then took the connecting flight to kuala terengganu that night with ain....we were celebrating mum's birthday that weekend..hence the seafood bbq!..hehe.


It has been a while since my kinabalu trip. it was my major highlight for 2012 as the mission was sort of clearing one of the bucket list. hehe. was a fun-tastic experience...and i wouldn't trade it for anything. the 20hrs of hiking the highest (almost) peak of least i have something to tell in the future.  i'd been there, done that.

2nd attempt? hmm...i'm not sure as passing the 33 mark soon, i'd have the same energy and motivation to repeat such thing. but .it may happen. in fact, i'm eyeing to attempt annapurna base camp...InsyaAllah

regrets - underestimating the challenge is a great lesson learnt for me. and again, you really need a good team member/friend/company etc. because it is a long journey to go up there. it was like frodo carrying the ring..where a lot of things can happen and corrupt the motivation. (darn!)

it's a wrap.

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