riding in cars with roslans

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counting days.

now time to properly plan the driving route.

day 1, part 1

perth international airport - corica pastries (the famous apple strudel) - perth mosque - danish patisserie(all the halal pastries) - IGA market - caversham wildlife, whiteman park - nando's joondalup (halal branch)

uh...total 82km. the underlined are places where eateries are and to buy stock. dem..i am particular this time about food since i got 6 adults (including me) to be fed.

day 1 part 2
nando's joondalup for lunch - brand highway - emu downs wind farm via bibby road - cervantes holiday home - the pinnacles - lake thetis - cervantes beach - gnite...

it will be a 267km journey...

day 2 - a long day to south
cervantes - yanchep -perth (via Indian Ocean Drive) - Augusta (via mandurah, bunbury, busselton)

day 3 - south western highlights
Augusta - Cape Leewin - Margaret River - Busselton Jetty - Cannington Home, Perth
358km total journey

day 4 - perth
cannington - perth CBD - harbour town - king's park - cannington
total of 33km as we gonna spend time on perth city free bus

day 5 - fremantle - perth
cannington - fremantle port- e-shed market - perth city

total journey - 1332km (estimated)
expected fuel consumption of 8-seaters mpv - 8.1L/100km ...but i'm estimating higher at 11L/100km...hence for the plan journey..it will drink 146litres
PULP estimated at AUD 1.5/litre..hence AUD182 which is about RM580 for fuel. hmm..

the car rental (8-seater mpv) is estimated at AUD600 for the 5-days.

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