riding in cars with roslans (cont.)


few things left.

1. car rental - we going to get a people-mover thing...aka. mpv...to accomodate 6 big adults for the journey. 2 companies currently under the list since they already replied the email and able to provide the drop-off at the airport since our return flight will be early morning.
Burswood car rental- gives quite good rate (total), but they don't offer unlimited mileage and no maximum cover insurance package.
Hertz - i got reply from malaysia branch...and suprisingly, the unlimited mileage they offered is cheaper compared to what i got from their Aussie website. and i tried to get quotation using the International website instead, yeap...they quoted cheaper price. the total price including the gps rental and insurance etc. is comparable with Burswood.

2. Driving license - they said it is recommended to get the international driving license...but Hertz email me that our driving license will do. again to think back, probably it is not with the car-rental company that we may have problem, but in case your car been stopped by polis kampung manatah...for sure quite a hassle to justify since some may not aware on the validity (ye ke? patut tahu kot). hmm...nemind..still gonna proceed with the international driving license...me and my dad. kot2 later gonna use it again.

3. Driving route - so far as per previous entry. thinking to slot in Yanchep in the list..since Rok said it is a nice place to go.

4. Travel insurance - chartis quoted rm248 for the whole 6-people for 6 days.

5. Budgeting - all the expected expenses including dining, entrance fee, and even the fuel. uhh...this will determine how much AUD to change later...hmm..

anyway..counting days...:)

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